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But is it soft?
Any codes for End?
Does anyone know in which country the Beams Plus Garment Dyeed M-65 Jacket is made?
How can the sleeve length be just 10.4'' for size XS? Blue Summer Coat
Alternative to Suit Supply's Blue Summer Coat? I really like the jacket, but the price is too expensive. I would pay for the price if it came from a brand that is known for their good quality, like Barbour. 
I have the Classic Blue and I love it. Would recommend it.You could also try out Sky Blue Oxford. 
Does anyone else have 10-15 days delay on their Snuff Rapello Suede boots?
Thanks for the reply guys! Is 3/4 (mid-calf) length appropriate? I read that 3/4 is more inspired by fashion trends as opposed to full length which is more 'classic'. But I am not sure if a full length trench coat will look good on me. I am just 5'7''.
Navy vs. tan trench coat for a uni student? And would trench coat be too 'out of place'? I wear OCBDs, raw denim, chinos, v-neck, crewneck and moleskin pants. 
Does anyone know if the buttons of Brando jackets are either working or fake buttons? Thanks
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