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How long did you wait for the trousers?
Every time.
You can ask Theresa to change the shipping address to your Japanese address. I have done it without any problems. 
I think they cost $20. Not sure.
How did you specify the washing of the denim? Did you provide any pictures?
Did you copy and paste the link of the swatches totalling 20 links for each entry? I did that, and I hope it is the right way to do it. 
Speaking of swatches. Do you copy and paste all of the links/names of the fabrics in one "notes box" or do you create an "Additional Service" for each swatch? 
The struggles of being a student with short arms 
What should I tell the tailor? That was my first attempt of shortening the sleeves of a jacket and. I guess it is hard to make it look decent when you have to shorten the sleeves with 2 inches. 
There is one tailor (actually a taylor group) who charges from £12.50 up to £30 "depending on the detail" which is decent price.  Did your sleeves end up like this? It is a Washington jacket and I had to shorten the sleeves by 2 inches (I think). He charged £35 and he was a certified tailor.
New Posts  All Forums: