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Does anyone have an order number and pictures for a Mercer & Sons collar made by Luxire?
Did you just order a pair of chinos and nothing else?
Is it just me or did Luxire increase the price of Navy Chambray by Brembana from $99 to $149?
Good quality for the price you are paying. I can't compare it with AE, though. 
Light Tan Twill Chino is really light. More like light cream twill chino, IMO. The picture on Luxire's website is not very accurate. Don't know anything about Ecru Twill Chino, sorry. 
I just bought this jacket, now I only have two jackets which are green(long story), and I bought these chinos a while ago, but I haven't found a jacket which can be worn with the chinos. Too much green?
ID on the jacket?
Beams Plus Garment Dyed m-65? yey or ney?
Does anyone know if the Tarrago Nano Protector is actually bad for the leather? 
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