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I am not sure if this is the right thread to ask, but I have a question about denim shirt. I recently bought a denim shirt which I think is too dark for my preference. Is it any way I can change the colour of the shirt without damaging it? I like more of a 'washed feel'? Do I just throw it in the washing machine, or does soaking do the job?
Does anyone know why linen feels itchy on my skin? I just purchased my second linen piece of clothing, which is a 100% Uniqlo linen shirt, the first one being a cotton/linen blend trousers, which also was itchy. Am I allergic to linen?
The UK or European MrP sale usually starts later than the US one. Last year it started on the 22/06, and the year before on 24/06
What colours for linen shirts are the most versatile? Or what colours do most people usually wear?
Does anyone have the Lemaire Pleated Shorts? How are they? I have the Lemaire Chino Shorts, which I think has very thick material, almost too thick for shorts and the summer.
What's up with all those European companies which only have sales exclusively for Americans?What's the reasoning behind this? 
can't find any on sale?
Is there any way to choose how many items you see at once instead of clicking to next page every time? The loading takes forever. Nevermind. The sale only applies for US and Canada for some reason...Even though the shop is italian
Not fashion related but Samsung sells 40'' 4K HD TVs for $100. I know it's an error, but it might work.
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