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Did you get hit by the UK customs from Unionmode?
Maybe CM shops don't do as much sales?
Do they ship to the UK? If so, what's the shipping charge and who do they use?
What kind of weave does BoO OCBD shirts have? Plain, pinpoint or royal?
Why did he shut down ToJ? Did he shut it down because his employees left or to invest in the restaurant? 
Can't you just avoid the ban by using proxies? 
Just wondering. How are we supposed to get fined? 
Waxed cotton blend MA-1 Bomber? yes or no?
HAHA XD you trolled me. 
What's the difference between 'Reduced' and the 'Sale' section of Slam Jam? 1 of 10 in the Sale section is in sale, while those with the Final Sale mark just shows their normal price. 
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