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and the website is down...
Uniqlo Black Friday sale is starting. 50% off the denim and dress shirts.
No, sorry I do not have the circumference right now, but I didn't think the leg opening needed the tapering, and the tailor/seamstress didn't say I needed it either.
Are you supposed to taper the dress trousers when you shorten them at the tailor?   I bought a suit from SuitSupply in the Summer, and the trousers need to be shortened by a couple inches. And the seller recommended tapering them too. What is a decent leg opening for suit trousers? I am 5'7 for reference. 
Do I need dress shoes to shorten and taper dress trousers at the tailor? I don't possess a pair of dress shoes right now, and the only thing I have is sneakers. 
How do I import used goods from my home country (non-EU) to another EU country without imposing import duties and taxes?  I currently study abroad and I need a pair of shoes that I have at home. Do all goods need to be taxed regardless of their purpose? 
Are they narrow around the leg opening/calves? 
Does anyone know the leg opening of the Slim Fit Selvedge Jeans? I have big thighs for squatting. Do you think Slim Fit will fit my quads?
I am currently doing a project in analysing the financial performance of a couple companies in the fashion industry. I need to do to some reading about the industry, as I only have some general knowledge about it. I want to look at how the companies operate, future growth opportunities, ethical, environmental and societal issues etc.  Where can I find analyst reports, expert overviews or general analysis about the fashion industry?   Many thanks
Anybody got the END code to work? I tried on 3-4 items without any luck. 
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