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They are shipped from the US if you order from the UK
It's almost as navy, less the glossy look from the synthetic fabric, as the garment bag you get when you buy a suit from SS.
No, I haven't. I have only tried on Havana, Washington and Lazio. 
When I weighed 120lbs I couldn't find any suits or jackets that would fit me, and the only option was to gain weight. I am not sure if I had discovered SS yet or if they stocked 32Rs but I only tried on 36R which was a bit too big. What kind of problems do you have with your shoulders? I also have problems with my shoulders, 34R and 36R were too small for my shoulders, and when I pointed it out, the sales rep at the London store told me he couldn't do anything with it.
I am 5'7 as well, and weigh 141lbs. I have a 36R in Washington jacket, which fits good, and a 34R in a Lazio suit. According to the size guide 36S are built for larger men, but I haven't tried on S sizes yet, so I have no experience with that. 
 I am 30 or 31. The tailor at the SS shop had to let out the waist on my trousers. I don't think it looks weird now, but it fits much better. 
I just bought a Lazio 34R suit and the pant size is 34/44
I have a Washington jacket that I bought couple a years ago that had too long sleeves, which I had to shorten by 1-2 inches.   I am travelling to London this week and I am probably going to visit one of the SS shops there. I want to buy a suit, but I have problems finding jackets that have short enough sleeves. Which SS fits have short arms?    Edit: For reference, I am 5'7
I am going to be in London for 4 days in a week. Any suggestions of shops with nice sales right now? Thanks.
Why don't we ever get those crazy deals in Europe? :(
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