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I usually have problems with sweat and grease forming around the nosal bone, lateral cartilage, and the area around there when I wear my glasses. Is there anything I can to avoid that? Can I buy nose pads for these glasses, or do they have to be customised? I have the Oliver Peoples Fairmont. 
Just bought a pair of CP low achilles. And the left shoe is a bit tight.  How much do they expand? 
When did you post it?
Good to hear. Women in my area are selling women CPs at heavy discount, so I might try them on before buying them.My size is right on the edge, so I could both wear men's and women's CP.
Does anyone know how women's CPs fit? Can guys wear them, or would it be obvious that I am wearing women shoes?
They usually have in the summer IIRC, so they will probably have at a Winter sale too.
He lives a very modest life, and I don't think he wears anyone. Probably his own clothing. 
Why are they much cheaper?
Does anyone know the difference between CPs and TBS' CPs? Are the quality and fit the same?
 Would washing the shirt in the washing machine make the shirt fade evenly? Or could it possibly be that some spots on the shirt is darker than the rest. I have not used the shirt yet, so there is no fading. 
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