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LA Confidential.  Ron Rifkin is shoved into the toilet by Russell Crowe, then dangled out the window and made to reveal essentially 2/3 of the movie's plot. 
Ha ha ha.  Sensational
Size is 9.5 US, correct? 
Please revive it.  It's really useful!
I didn't know that Paul Ryan was selling on eBay!
I got really excited - and then I realized that you have EXACTLY the same 3 as mine.  Awesome garments. 
Hi Rayman - I can speak for the vast majority of us here when I say that we've all been where you were.  I grew up in Montana, where not giving a s---t about clothes extends even to weddings.  It's understating it to say that I was nervous about wearing anything more than jeans and a ratty t-shirt for the longest time.  To buy better clothes and to understand how they can work together involved a lot of homework, and some courage.   There are three keys to developing...
My five picks for the contest:    Love these sunglasses.   I need to try some Oliver Spencer sometime.  Still stuck on the Crazy Tweed that was worn by Gabriel Mann on Revenge a while back.  This, however, looks like such a useful piece:   What can I say about these that others haven't said...
I have a nice Truzzi shirt whose collar is getting holes in it.  The rest of the shirt is not worn out and I'd like to see if there's a use for the fabric on the rest of the shirt.  I have no doubt this has been answered before elsewhere, so if someone has a convenient link feel free to share.    Two options already discussed: 1. The rest of the shirt is in decent shape and I'd feel guilty using it only for rags.  2. My 90-something grandmother thinks I can go...
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