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I think this is formal enough for any occasion that requires a suit.    I totally hear what you're saying about finding a warmer shade of blue - I've gone through the same process myself, as my complexion gets washed out massively by blacks and very dark blues (see attached picture  ;)   ).    Which leads to my point:  If that's a particularly flattering color for you, no one will care about formality. 
LA Confidential.  Ron Rifkin is shoved into the toilet by Russell Crowe, then dangled out the window and made to reveal essentially 2/3 of the movie's plot. 
Ha ha ha.  Sensational
Size is 9.5 US, correct? 
Please revive it.  It's really useful!
I didn't know that Paul Ryan was selling on eBay!
I got really excited - and then I realized that you have EXACTLY the same 3 as mine.  Awesome garments. 
Hi Rayman - I can speak for the vast majority of us here when I say that we've all been where you were.  I grew up in Montana, where not giving a s---t about clothes extends even to weddings.  It's understating it to say that I was nervous about wearing anything more than jeans and a ratty t-shirt for the longest time.  To buy better clothes and to understand how they can work together involved a lot of homework, and some courage.   There are three keys to developing...
My five picks for the contest:    Love these sunglasses.   I need to try some Oliver Spencer sometime.  Still stuck on the Crazy Tweed that was worn by Gabriel Mann on Revenge a while back.  This, however, looks like such a useful piece:   What can I say about these that others haven't said...
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