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@HansderHund I wish I knew something definitive about that Antica piece, it looks incredible. My guy says it's an Italian hunting (or bush?) type of jacket. Antonio from Eidos used something similar as inspiration designing their Italian hunting jacket (the lower pockets, in particular). Good luck!
I got a ton of stuff launched on the site last week! All of our E. Formicola for the season is live, along with our new H. Stockton untipped grenadine ties, some incredible outerwear and new shoes from Alden and Rancourt!    We're also continuing with our $50 off of $150+ purchase for signing up for our newsletter through October 31st. If there's something that's been on your mind, now you've got a little incentive to pick it up!   E. Formicola   This season...
@TheNeedMachine You went to my hometown today! I was also up there visiting my parents. Holy shit I wish I knew what store you hit!
@GMMcL That CM overcoat is gnaaarly. Also, made by Southwick (which I figure you probably already know).
Major Tom and Truman. Both thrifted, both assholes and definitely N/A
Yup!I'm working on finishing our E. Formicola tailored clothing by tomorrow afternoon. We'll also launch this insane Shepherd-ish check coat, a new H. Stockton blazer and hopefully two more tweedy coats (provided the tweeds arrive this week).While I don't think it's possible to have every piece in-store on the website, I want the selection to be more robust than it has been and I'm diligently working on it! You guys will see more and more rolling out.
@Shouldaville I wish! Really can't wait for Inis to hit. It should land right around Thanksgiving.
I've got a size small SS12 Dayton shirt that I've tried to wear a few times and it just isn't me. It's been worn/washed but a ton of life left. (havent had a chance to get photos, so here's one from Google) Would love to trade for something more in my wheelhouse (chambray work shirt/Dayton, solid pants, basically anything toned-down) but open to trades/offers.
 Man, the weight of those jackets is what really gets me. They're both super functional as outerwear, but not too heavy for a layer on top. The waist is very easily alterable. The waistband construction is split, so it can be brought in or let out (though, as with any cotton, there will be faint stitchmarks letting out).  And a heads up about a low-key promotion we're doing until the end of the month.  If you sign up for our email newsletter (we don't send out tons of...
   Man, the blousons really are the bees knees. And those trousers are made in Romania (as are most Hiltl). From what I remember you're around a 34-35 waist? The leg opening on a 34 is 16 1/2", the 35 is 17". That fabric is some of the raddest F/W cotton I've seen. It's got an incredibly soft hand, but is a nice mid-weight.  Thank you for the endorsement! Next time you're in Atlanta we'd love to see you!
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