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@PantherPatrol That parka is gnaaarly.
N-1 has a pile lining and collar, N-4 just has a green wool.That's definitely a grail find (I've been looking for one at a thrift for damn near a decade). Congrats!
Button front with a 3/4 or so zip? From the description it sounds like an N-4. Most likely between WWII and the Korean War, so mid-late 40s or so. They're not über grails (the N-1 is really what collectors want), but they're solid.
@TheNeedMachine Great haul! I think that TB is more recent. All of his early stuff I've seen was made in New York. I don't remember when exactly, but I think his brand was bought by a Japanese company around 2010(?), and most of what I've seen was MIJ since then.
@tubs Maybe my favorite haul I've seen in the thread. Vintage Filson Cruiser + Five Brother pullover shirt = GOD DAMN!
@Versace Guy If anything is slightly off (like the overlapped medallions on your scarf) it's fake. Companies like Chanel don't allow that to leave the factory. @SpooPoker has authentication on lock.
Hey everyone, Thank you so much for the kind words, both here and over email! It's been so rad getting to know all of you guys over the past few years. This thread and the in-store customer base are both great assets to the community spirit that I feel like we all make an effort to build. I'll still be around SF very often, so feel free to drop me a line if any of you come to Atlanta or need anything.
   I think Ken P mostly nailed it, especially in regards to the vintage stuff. I love WWM (vintage and Daiki era), which I think sells alright. Haven't really seen a lot of McNairy do well on the secondhand market, but there are a few cool pieces (though definitely less good/cool).
 Greatest. Haul. Ever.
Engineered Garments Blue Chambray Field Shirt - US Small    [[SPOILER]]   Picked this up recently, but it's a little too wild for me. -F/W 2010 (I believe)-Made in New York City-classic EG fit Measurements: Chest - 20" Shoulder - 17" Sleeve - 24.75" Length (from bottom of collar) - 30" Collar - 15.5"FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA. International $40. If you have any questions, or want to shoot over an offer, feel free to drop me a line!
New Posts  All Forums: