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Hate posting after Spoo, but I finally found something worth posting (been a few months, I think). Alden LHS Color 8 Shell (986) - 9 B/D - Available.  [[SPOILER]]
@Lucan Royal Hem is one of the brands of an Italian fashion conglomerate, the Copen Group. They also own Beverly Hills Polo Club (yes, the terrible TJ Maxx or wherever brand) and a brand called Pennesi. I picked up a Pennesi jacket when Daffy's was going out of business and I love it. Similar maker tag, but I've never figured out if it was produced by someone more well-known. Most of the stuff I've seen from Royal Hem has been on Yoox, but it seems pretty good for...
@Nataku We're not worthy.
@SpooPoker Good read and congrats on the coverage!
@PLaydice Multiple P-Wing and a LV trunk?!? You're a god.
@Nataku I definitely think the Sweet Orr Engineer jackets and overalls are post-WWII-early 50s. The watch pocket + buttonhole disappeared in the mid-late 50s
@cpmac7 You just won the thread. Everything in that haul looks like lots of money.
@Letric Those look to me like a sample for the Made in USA line of 501, 511, 514 that they ran back in Spring 2011. They used Cone selvedge and they're pretty nice from the pairs I've handled. "New Fashion Products" is probably the registered name of whatever factory that produced that sample. Wash them cold on a gentle cycle with Woolite and then hang dry. They should not lose much indigo from that.
Wrong thread, so forgive me, but does anyone happen to have any Alden All Weather Walkers in 8.5 C or D, by some chance? Really need an every day kinda shoe.
That, I'm not sure. Likely it's just a production code. LVC dates usually use an international dating system (something like 150408, April 8 2015). Again, this could've changed as I haven't picked up any jeans in a couple of years.I don't remember when this cut was introduced, but I feel like it was mid-2000s or so.
New Posts  All Forums: