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@Nataku Crittenden is a brand started by Crit Rawlings. He was the president of Oxxford at one point, I believe. All the stuff I've seen that's made in the USA is made by Hardwick or made in China. The Hardwick stuff isn't bad for personal use, but it's fused I think.
Jack Victor doesn't make Peter Millar suits, Empire does.The store I work for carries JV, PM, Samuelsohn, Southwick and a few higher-tier brands. PM tailored clothing is mostly shit, it's fused and way over priced. JV is fine, especially at thrift/low prices, but I certainly wouldn't pay retail. I would rank it a couple of notches below Southwick and quite a few below Samuelsohn.
Awesome hunting-inspired jacket. -Made in USA  -65% poly, 35% cotton  -Water resistant  -Two huge chest pockets  -Two huge game-style pockets on the back  -Lower buttoned patch pockets on the front of the jacket  -Brown corduroy collar  -Detachable hood Worn a decent amount, but in great condition. Chest - 20.75"  Shoulder - 17.25"  Sleeve - 24.75"  Length - 26" $10 shipping in the USA. International $40. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line!
The quintessential EG shirt. -$228 retail  -100% cotton chambray  -Made in USA Worn and washed a few times. The fabric is aging beautifully, but looks barely worn. Measurements: Chest - 20"  Shoulder - 17"  Sleeve - 24"  Length - 29"  Neck - 15.25" $10 shipping in USA, $40 International. Any questions, just drop me a line!
@PLaydice You should keep the military shirt. That fit was killer.
Edit: I feel like Urban Outfitters carried it at one point, maybe not anymore. I wouldn't call it a thing...
The styling, attention to detail and welt seams are definitely what scream Hilton to me. I couldn't remember when RL moved production, though. The knowledge and info everyone provides is astounding.
What a sick find. Looks like it could be a Norman Hilton for Ralph piece.
@eazye That poncho is the coolest thing ever posted here, to me. You should definitely wear it out of the house one day.
 The tag I was just talking about:  Daiki and McNairy eras both use this, as far as I know: 
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