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It looks a lot like the Todd Snyder collab. My sweat had M(38-40) on it if I remember correctly.
@barrelntrigger between moving 1000 miles and working crazy hours, I haven't had a lot of thrift finds/time to do photos. Plus @silverwarebandit takes better photos.
@Fueco I would imagine they're made by Corbin (both owned by IAG) in Chambersburg, PA.
I found some EG spectators last year, true thrift. Can't remember who here picked them up.
@Randomore Dunno your size, man, but this looks like it could for the bill (and is real gnarly): http://m.ebay.com/itm/261718467720?nav=SEARCH
I hate to follow Nat, especially with terrible iPhone photos. Trying to find a new photo setup. Got a bunch of stuff left to shoot, but here are some standouts from the past few months. Iron Heart IHSH-56 - Small - Available.  [[SPOILER]]  Warehouse x Blue in Green 660 - N/A    [[SPOILER]]    Burberry Boating Blazer - around 38 - 40 - Available. (Anyone know who makes these in Italy?)   [[SPOILER]]   WWII-era USN CPO Shirt - N/A    [[SPOILER]]   Newer vintage Big Yank...
@SpooPoker Can I get a god damn?
Ah yes. I think you're correct. I see the 30 now. Great find either way.
@GM-H Everyone has said LVC, but if the waist is size 20, those look like they could be kids Big E. I would say mid-late 50s if that's the case. Does the red tab have a registered trademark on it? Is there a content/care tag? If they are LVC, that's the 1954Z model, I believe.
@barrelntrigger it was I who found a Kato AAA selves he chambray that silverwearbandit mentioned. Moved back to Georgia a month ago and have been working like hell since. Deets coming this weekend.
New Posts  All Forums: