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A few rad finds this week, thankfully. Been pretty dry in NYC for me. Barbour Navy Beaufort - size 40 - Available.   [[SPOILER]]   Woolrich Woolen Mills Flight Vest (SS12, I think) - Medium - Available. [[SPOILER]]   YMC Henley - Large - Available. Hard to tell, but the fabric is KILLER. A loose-knit jersey sort of fabric.  [[SPOILER]]   And, definitely one of my favorite things I've picked up. Carroll & Co. Navy Cotton Blouson/Trucker jacket(?) - size 40 -...
Seems like an awesome challenge.   From a couple of days ago:   Vintage Umii 908 Springsteen Helmut Lang Docs
Been a weird few weeks. Not much as far as quantity, but a lot of stuff for myself! Most everything is N/A, but drop me a PM if you're interested in something. Missoni sweater - N/A   [[SPOILER]]   Ann Demeulemeester Rayon/Cotton Trouser - N/A   [[SPOILER]]   CDG Homme Plus Wide Wale Cord Trouser - N/A   [[SPOILER]]   Helmut Lang Moleskin Trouser - N/A    [[SPOILER]]    MHL Chambray Shirtdress - S - Possibly dibsed for silverwearbandit  Beat to hell vintage work jacket -...
More or less living in the Doyle these days (Carmina Jodhpur cameo, as well)  
It's been pretty dry lately. Picked up a bunch of random stuff that I'm gonna photo this weekend. Fit pic today because I miss this thread (spoilered as it's not everyone's cup of tea)   [[SPOILER]]
        We've received the majority of shirts, outside size medium (which, I'm hoping, will be here this week) and a couple of odds and ends. I'm personally processing everything and everyone should get a shipping confirmation by the end of the day today!
LAST CALL!!   Hey guys,   Just wanted to remind everyone that the Rivet Chino Factory Finds ends tonight!   Rivet Chino Factory Finds - $140   Rivet Chino Factory Finds - $140
If anyone remembers those insane western shirts silverwearbandit found a little while ago, I turned one into a backpatch:     Epaulet (not thrift) Umii 908 (thrift) Rogue Territory (half off) Dr Martens (thrift)
While shooting photos of Factory Finds jackets, James decided to snap a shot of some Epaulet LA action:   Epaulet LA Doyle Jacket Epaulet LA Wilshire Jeans
 We got four boxes in yesterday. We'll be shooting them and shipping them out over the next few days! Should have the balance in throughout the next couple of weeks.  Post a fit, I'm sure it will be gnarly!  I hope all the MTO shirts in this fabric I've been processing are well received! It truly is an amazing Oxford cloth.  Ah, unfortunately this fabric is completely tapped out. I've been hunting for something similar, so hopefully it's something we'll be able to...
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