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Haven't found much in a minute, but this popped up on Sunday. Sorry for the shitty photos, but I was just stoked to find a personal grail.   USN Dungaree Work Jacket - N TO THE A    Nearly deadstock, just missing buttons. Anyone got a set, by some random chance?      
They've been developing it for a year or two, so it's relatively new for them. I never really knew I could slope the shoulders enough though, which I can with their full MTM program.While Southwick could never rival something like Ring Jacket or Isaia, it's a lot of bang for the bucks, so to speak.
@applky It's a wool/silk/linen, like the PRL jacket I've been chasing for years. Completely unstructured (not even a canvas in the chest/lapel). INCREDIBLY comfortable. @Gerry Nelson that's an awesome shacket, but the popover is even more intriguing!
@Synthese @Cotton Dockers Embrace #popoverlife. Appreciate the kind words!
@Cotton Dockers I meant to shout you out as well. One of the most solid dressing people I can think of. Also those ripple Heschung are insane. @Mr. Six I'll try to stop by more often! Though I basically wear the same thing most days. Hope you're well!
It's been quite a while.    @Gerry Nelson - You, sir, have been absolutely killing it. Love the blending of sportswear, SWD and tailored clothing.    A coworker and I were testing out a new camera yesterday:     Very rumpled Southwick for H. Stockton MTM New England Shirt for H. Stockton popover Old as hell J. Crew
I don't remember who posted the weirdo Alden orthopedic boots the other day, but I found the eBay auction I've seen for the past few years: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Beautiful-Alden-Leather-Boots-Rare-Style-/151332636410?hash=item233c20c6fa
@TheNeedMachine Honestly, I have no idea. They could be a custom order (Alden did a lot of that back in the day). The pair I've seen was specially made for someone with a serious foot problem. Fun fact - Doctors actually prescribed All Weather Walkers, among other models, back in the day.
@ryangmode Those are from Alden's orthopedic days. I have absolutely no idea on model or anything. There's been a pair of black boots on and off eBay for a few years now. They're always listed at some insane price. I would venture to guess those are 70s-ish, but someone definitely correct me if I'm wrong. The only place I've seen a pair in real life is at the Alden factory. Good luck!
@barrelntrigger Jordan Brand and Levi's did a collab in 07-08ish. Selvedge 501 and a Jordan 1, I think. Was like $500 for both :/
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