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@Nobleprofessor Nah, 39L, but tough to tell from potato pics.
Two polar opposite finds, both going to @IRKSM. Apologies for the photo quality, was hoping to use a DSLR from work, but had computer issues. Rick Owens Vicious Parka SS14 Not true thrift, but underpriced buy/sell:trade. Something like 1.5% of retail. Seriously, who sells this to one of those places for $10-15?! Norman Hilton 3/2 Navy Hopsack in need of a good pressing from 65 or 67, hard to make out. The construction is incredibly soft.
Terrible potato teaser. Not true thrift, but insanely underpriced buy/sell/trade.
@Jompso +1 on those Epaulet horsehide GATs, also. I have a pair of the first Italian run from when I worked there, the shape and materials are gnarly.
@Jompso Original GATs were designed and produced by a company/factory owned and run by the family that founded Adidas and Puma. They were both started by quarreling brothers (possibly over splitting up the company business). Adidas Sambas are based in the OG design (I'm sure Puma made a similar model in their early days too) and a lot of both companies had products made in Germany for their early years, I believe.
@Coal_Mining_Polak That shirt is KILLER, especially the cuff detail. I've never found out too much info about it, but I feel like it was started in the late 70s or early 80s and existed for less than a decade. Polo Western and Polo Country seem to be sub-brands of Ralph that were pre-cursors to RRL (the embroidery on the cuff isn't too far off of modern RRL)
I've only ever seen loads of Aeropostale, J Crew, and other terrible mall brands at that Rag O Rama. Great find!
@Shoeluv You should try LVC. The 1947 and 1966 501 are pretty great, as is the 67 505 (if you don't mind a zip fly). They're all pretty great and aren't super skinny, but slim-ish. You can usually find them for a good deal as well.
@the2ndhandman I think that's early to mid 60s. Looks like it's near mint too. Siiick find.
Haven't found much in a minute, but this popped up on Sunday. Sorry for the shitty photos, but I was just stoked to find a personal grail.   USN Dungaree Work Jacket - N TO THE A    Nearly deadstock, just missing buttons. Anyone got a set, by some random chance?      
New Posts  All Forums: