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@carreragt7 Not the vintage kind that do so well. It's from 2008-9, before the change to smaller gearing and newer types of components, which might hurt the resell.
@FrankCowperwood Thanks for posting that! And duly noted on the corduroy! We're kicking around some ideas at the moment and I'm going to throw that in the ring! We found an incredible crunch Italian navy pique cotton while in NYC and Some Shetland tweeds as well. I've also been thinking of a mid-weight moleskin for it... I've got a ton of awesome photos to show you guys from the trip! Hopefully I can get to post some stuff up today!
@Shanejosephxxx I've only seen that "Made in Garment Center" tag on McNairy-era WWM. Still a dope piece.
DUDE!I'm so glad that worked out for you, it looks like a nearly perfect fit to me. I'll shoot you a PM response shortly!
@Thrift Vader I think you and I are on the same page. Didn't want to explicitly say McNairy's era looks more contrived, but that's pretty much exactly what I mean.
For me, a lot of it has come down to design details. Daiki-era looks similar to EG, but a little more restrained. McNairy looks, to me, a little more boring, as far as details go, and a little more insane as far as fabrics and "standout" pieces (which look much like his own line).DaikiMcNairyAs for details/numbers to identify, the only one I've noticed is the "Made in the Garment Center" tag is mostly (only?) on McNairy-era.
 That emoticon never ceases to make me laugh. Our sale officially rolled out on Monday and will go most likely until the end of July. We typically do two seasonal sales a year (January and July), but this one is pretty big. On the site we've got some steals, but our in-store has a lot at 50%-60% off. Brands we aren't carrying in future seasons, mostly, but also a few things that we've only got a piece or two left. We have some suiting and tailored clothing from Canali and...
You beat me to it! We've been working on getting everything organized in-store (which has a ton of deals as well, if anyone local wants to swing by!). I'm gonna do a big post with some of my favorite markdowns tomorrow.Just packed it up! I think you'll really dig the jacket.Unfortunately not. With Ring Jacket's relatively new distro in the USA, they haven't quite figured out how to scale it for their wholesale accounts. Basically all of the fabrics they offer retailers are...
 Welcome to our fair city! I hope you're enjoying it so far. We'd definitely love to see you come by. Our Lenox and Midtown stores carry the widest breadth of Trussini, but we've got some at each location. Definitely let me know when you're gonna come in and I'll try my best to be there.  Stenstroms shirting runs trimmer than our in-house, but not so much so that I would call it a "slim" fit. For you, I would recommend sticking with the same size whereas a more traditional...
Only find worth noting in quite a while, wish they were my size. RRL Officer chino - 31 x 32. Avail.
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