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@Purplelabel Doesn't really look like a huge thing from here, later era orange tab is cool, but not as collectible.
Hope this becomes a regular thing. Ps - always hit the women's section.
Ran out of decent light in my apartment, so kinda shitty photos. All available except the sportcoat. Went to a thrift outlet yesterday. Everything was $2 and it was absolutely insane. Only one cop. Vintage helmet bag Vintage PoW for a friend. Mid-century USA tailored clothing is pretty damn perfect. Vintage Nike Flight windbreaker Left one of these in a wool/cashmere blend that I probably should've picked up. The quality is really outstanding. Eskandar linen...
Any experts on adidas? Found a GNARLY coat today that seems like it could be something special, but I'm outta my wheelhouse.
To any Atlanta (and @drlivingston) guys thinking about hitting the Clothing Warehouse sale, it's pretty freaking terrible. Some OK vintage military stuff (really, nothing I would pick up but dress uniform jackets and the like), some OK vintage tailored and black tie jackets, I didn't see one good pair of pants or shirt. YMMV
@drlivingston @ATLjon I constantly see some dudes and think "he's gotta be on SF". Although most of the "flippers" I see have zero idea how to actually thrift.
I picked up a pair of Chucks in Dunwoody before Xmas for my daughter. Based on your description I think I've seen you somewhere! I'm usually in my own world when I'm out, so definitely say what's up!
Jesus Christ, I miss NYC.Getting out early seems to be the best lately.Gianluca Isaia Cotton Suit - 58LNever bought a suit with piss stains. Tips/tricks?Tods Snuff Suede Shortwings - UK9/US 9.5-10 - available.These were on top of the sunglasses basket. For $3, suuuure.Ray Ban Erika - NANOS Ridiculous Pepsi sweatshirt I couldn't leave for $1.And thanks for the heads up @leisurewear. Figured I would roll the dice. Was hoping that some TF clothing had been put out. Even...
@hooker4186 HNNNNNNNG
58L. I'll snap pics later. For basic pricing, I'll take the chance.
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