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@othertravel I'm pretty sure that is the same maker tag as Sid Mashburn, which no one seems to know. Good luck!
@SpooPoker Your vintage collection has to be so insane. That PRL jacket...congrats.
@Caustic Man @Veremund   I know the trouser length isn't for everyone and I'm totally alright with that.    Though I will say, there's a lot of uber-trad older Southern dudes I see on the daily that aren't much (if any) longer.  
I really dig this idea for the challenge! This is the first I've entered, I think. Hopefully Air Force blue will get a pass     And not the greatest photo, but I liked all the detail.     Southwick for H. Stockton MTM New England Blue Oxford MTM Popover Southwick for H. Stockton MTM  Alden
Haven't posted in here for quite a while, but I the FC idea sounded fun and thought I would give it a shot. (Please excuse the deer-in-headlights eyes)  Southwick for H. Stockton MTMRobert JensenNew England Blue Oxford MTMSouthwick for H. Stockton MTMAlden   [[SPOILER]]
 Thank you so much! Definitely let me know when you're coming through town again! I've been meaning to give you guys a rundown and a little product overview of some of the things we've been working on, so what better time than now?! Trussini  This is our fourth season with these guys and, really, their garments have blown away both our customers and the sales people. The quality to price ratio is one of the best I've seen in full-canvas RTW tailored clothing. Trussini...
@Nataku HOLY SHIT that record haul. Suicidal, Husker, Jesus and Mary Chain (not to mention everything else that's gnarly)?! All I usually see are Barbara Streisand records.
You're the man, Spoo.We just became an affiliate on the board! Definitely stop by the next time you're in town.
 Thanks for the kind words! I'm really excited for the Fall collection. We'll also have two suits, a solid navy and a charcoal stripe, both in a proprietary cloth called Calm Twist. It's a wonderful 3 season cloth that's weighted toward the lighter side of Fall and has an open-ish weave. Unfortunately, there were no samples available to show. I do, however, have some photos of the fabric swatches that I'll try to dig up.  The fit is in-line with what you'd expect from Ring...
New Posts  All Forums: