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@SpooPoker Can I get a god damn?
Ah yes. I think you're correct. I see the 30 now. Great find either way.
@GM-H Everyone has said LVC, but if the waist is size 20, those look like they could be kids Big E. I would say mid-late 50s if that's the case. Does the red tab have a registered trademark on it? Is there a content/care tag? If they are LVC, that's the 1954Z model, I believe.
@barrelntrigger it was I who found a Kato AAA selves he chambray that silverwearbandit mentioned. Moved back to Georgia a month ago and have been working like hell since. Deets coming this weekend.
@rokor I'm pretty sure that's fake. Most of the real monogram bags I've seen are one continuous piece of leather (so one side, the logos are upside down). Could be different on a duffle, but I've seen a million fakes and they all shared this trait.
I went there a few times while in LA for work. Found a 100% bamboo Sartorio jacket, but everything else worth a damn was beaten to death.
@GMMcL Please tell me that PRL houndstooth is the 36S...
@PantherPatrol That parka is gnaaarly.
N-1 has a pile lining and collar, N-4 just has a green wool.That's definitely a grail find (I've been looking for one at a thrift for damn near a decade). Congrats!
Button front with a 3/4 or so zip? From the description it sounds like an N-4. Most likely between WWII and the Korean War, so mid-late 40s or so. They're not ├╝ber grails (the N-1 is really what collectors want), but they're solid.
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