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@snackbandit 1930s-50s USN Peacoat. I can't remember off the top of my head, but I think that's from just prior to WWII. If in good condition and no moth holes, and decently priced (sub $20-25), I would cop.
@Nataku @barrelntrigger Didn't check the link, but I'm almost sure only the Bedale and Beaufort are made in England now.
Big shoutout to @varietygoods for the hook up on some gnaaarly Oliver Spencer shoes. Shoutout to @silverwarebandit for owning the raddest Luciano Barbera jacket., but he should post a fit pic.
@winny94 I'm no expert, but I'm almost positive Bill's sells suits. That looks like it was made by Hardwick (purely based on things like pocket shape and the retail).
New England Shirt Co makes for an insane amount of people. The actual construction of the shirt is generally good, all USA ready to wear makers are similar quality to me. They also use incredibly nice piece goods. However, some of their standard/stock trimmings (buttons in particular) really suck. Some brands go with their stock fabrics, buttons, fits, etc.; some brands have their own patterns, fabrics and trimmings. They certainly don't rival the big Italian names or...
@highvoltorb I could be wrong, but I seem to remember that being an early GBV shirt, maybe the first or second season after launch.
Hate posting after Spoo, but I finally found something worth posting (been a few months, I think). Alden LHS Color 8 Shell (986) - 9 B/D - Available.  [[SPOILER]]
@Lucan Royal Hem is one of the brands of an Italian fashion conglomerate, the Copen Group. They also own Beverly Hills Polo Club (yes, the terrible TJ Maxx or wherever brand) and a brand called Pennesi. I picked up a Pennesi jacket when Daffy's was going out of business and I love it. Similar maker tag, but I've never figured out if it was produced by someone more well-known. Most of the stuff I've seen from Royal Hem has been on Yoox, but it seems pretty good for...
@Nataku We're not worthy.
@SpooPoker Good read and congrats on the coverage!
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