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 Edit: True thrift. First Kiton I've ever picked up (aside from the Sartorio made by Kiton that is in Nat's hands now). Has tags attached on the inside, lower pockets basted, but could've been worn very lightly. 100% crispy linen. Anyone with info about what it actually is, lemme know! Navy Linen Car Coat (?) - EU 50 - Available.  [[SPOILER]]
Today I had my heart broken by a Sartoria Partenopea Super 150's orphan, only to find the weirdest Kiton jacket I've ever seen (and the first I've found!). Pics tomorrow.
Haven't had much access to a camera, but really haven't found much to speak of lately anyhow. Quick and dirty photos: Engineered Garments Chambray Field Shirt - Small - Available.    [[SPOILER]]   Gitman Vintage Plaid Oxford - Small - Available.    [[SPOILER]]   LVC Repro Distressed Linen Popover (sample?) - Small - Available.   [[SPOILER]]
@TJGent87 They're a washed LVC. Can't see much from the photo but I would guess a 1947 model. Cone selvedge, made in Turkey (all non-raw models are to my knowledge). The inside tag should have the year of the cut (1947 = 47 501). Some of the crazier distressed models have insane retail.
 I've been searching for this jacket for a few years now. Wool/linen/silk?
Thanks @330CK for the early afternoon heart attack.
Hey guys,    Quick note - we dropped prices to 50% off on much of our sale section. The newsletter will go out tomorrow, but you heard it here first    http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale
Haven't found much lately, so just a quick and dirty thrift fit (found the pants recently, though).  [[SPOILER]]
Hey guys,  We've got more Henleys and Indigo Tees - no worries. We just received some of the boxes this morning and the team is counting them out.    We'll have the stock updated with fresh numbers by tonight or tomorrow at the latest. There are indeed more mediums! 
Sophnet Blanket Lined Fishtail Parka - LARGE - $150/obo   Picked this up a while ago, but doing a little closet cleaning and it hasn't gotten much wear since I've had it.   Features a waxed cotton shell and a wool blend liner. Very warm and functional. Fur ruff on the hood is removable.    Measeurements: Chest - 21.5" Shoulder - 20" Sleeve - 25" Length - 35"   Any questions, feel free to drop me a line! 
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