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@Nataku Thanks, dude! I'm tempted to keep...obviously. @TheNeedMachine I'm doing my part, but I have a feeling I don't hit a lot of the stores the other guys do, but I need to figure them out 😁
@TheNeedMachine FUUUUUUCK! I'm hitting the wrong stores. Was just thinking about finding Yohji in ATL today.
Wasn't going to get out today, but decided to take some bullshit to Rag-O-Rama and get rid of it. After my store credit these two were almost thrift prices. RRL Type III - L - available. Not sure if I've ever come across one of these before, but I think this is the ERDL I'm looking for. @Nataku? And I had to take my girlfriend to work, so might as well hit a couple of somewhat nearby thrifts, right? Momotaro - 32 - available. And these weirdo Vivienne...
Thank god I rarely find Ralph in my size. Wasn't planning on hitting any stores today, but this is a fucking addiction. Brioni cotton/linen for @IRKSM And these two were just too gnarly to leave. And a quilted, velvet-y floral bomber. This has gotta be on-trend rn And I forgot to photograph the raddest/most ridiculous thing I picked up this week. Going to a friend "WTF?" "HOLY FUCK THATS RAD" "WOOOOOW" (lyrics to Don't Cry)
@Dirt I think the thrift gods smiled on our convo. First store, first rack. Just a tee, but rad
Ah I'm on my phone. Either way, jersey or fleece, it's solid!
@Dirt That hoodie is dooooope. If it has USA, the flag and other accoutrements it's usually a good cop.
Xpost from buy/sell/want thread with a question I've been meaning to ask: Does anyone happen to have a pair of Moscot Lemtosh frames in a 44-24 they would like to part with? Color basically doesn't matter.
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