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@HansderHund That Metallica long sleeve is AWESOME.
@rhyme JESUSCHRIST. That Eidos coat is especially dope. Edit: It's also raining super recent Hickey in here lately.
@Principle Hanger for a Ghurka garment bag maybe?
Yesterday was HELLA random. Holler if you're into anything. I haven't seen a lot of Brioni knitwear, but this has to be one of the weirder sweaters. EU50 Isaia Cotton/linen - 16/41 Oh the gusset is kinda funny. Wait - there's buttons on the sleeve... WTF Couple of vintage shirts - Purdue LS has insane embroidery and pretty sure my dad had the car tee when I was a kid Didn't see the tag until now. Stoked it's Velva Sheen Obligatory random PRL I'll more than...
Glad I didn't take pics of my meager finds today. 😭😭
@kbadgley84 HOOOOLY SHIT. I'm on the low end of "millennial" (born in 83) and I had an older cousin that would give me all his old stuff back in the early-mid 90s. Really wish I hadn't destroyed or thrown away all of his Santa Cruz/Powell-Peralta skateboard decks. god only knows what happened to all the tees. Would have a goldmine today.
@leisurewear If that Canali orphan is textured, it may not actually be an orphan (can't see if there's a pant listed on the label). They actually stock a black "blazer" or two. And the buttonhole on the RRL is for a pocket watch. Is their a side entry slit on the left chest pocket?
Got some stuff I would like to move if anyone is into it. Golden Bear Navy/Cream MIUSA Varsity jacket - Large Gustin Grey Chambray and White OCBD - Medium Tall PRL Made in Italy Flannel SC x 2 - tagged Large, measure like a trim 42 or so. Color isn't great in this photo. It's your standard grey/black herringbone. Lemme know if you're interested and want more photos/measurements!
@Nataku HEEEELL YES. That tag is one of my favorites. @double00 those brands that remake vintage tees (Junk Food and the like) are the bane of existence.
Man, the only band tees I've come across lately were Sarah McLachlan and the Indigo Girls. Neither of which were cool.
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