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Three pairs of large (will best fit between 10.5 - 12 US size), OTC cotton dress socks. $15 for each pair or $40 for all three including shipping to US (add $3 for Canada).   First pair is Zimmerli 100% cotton in Navy (a bit darker than they're coming through in the picture). These are brand new, unworn. Fantastic socks. If I didn't already have two pair, I'd keep them. These retail for $35-$40 a pair.    Second pair are also Zimmerli 100% cotton, but in...
Will leaving the Twill Taping off have any effect on how durable the pants are? I get my RC's hemmed so as to not show any cuff and I'm thinking that leaving the taping off will make it easier for my tailor to taper the lower leg, but I don't want to skimp on it if it means they won't last as long as they would w/ the taping.
Am I wrong that the mention of the collar pocket on the Frost Chambray is just a symptom of a copy and paste? Or am I somehow not seeing the pocket in the pictures?
Any idea when the MTO Riviets will be launching?
I'm in the same boat as your w/ the Rudy's and RC's and I've found the 3sixteen CS-100 cut fits me quite well. It's fuller in the thigh and also has a higher rise than their other jeans.
Obviously, this is a bit off-topic, but if you're a Four Roses fan, I can't overstate what a great bourbon this is:   I have a few bottles of Pappy, the Jefferson 18, a 21 year old WLW and I would point the Four Roses single barrels in the same category. K&L gets a couple different iterations throughout the year ranging from $40-$60 and every one I've ever had has been simply stunning.
2 Kent Wang Pocket Squares - $10 each   - One linen lavender w/ darker purple trim.   - One cream satin.   Both have never been used or washed. Stored in a cedar line box.
  Thirded.   PS - If I was younger and still an asshole, this would be a really easy set-up to say something along the lines of 'Agreed, it's much easier for your mom/sister/girlfriend to unzip my chinos than unbutton them,' but I'm far too mature for that now.
Hoping the news to report involves the word(s) 'La Brea.'
Question for anyone who owns the grey polo - is the 'Kent Wang' name visible through the fabric if you're looking at the back of the shirt? I have the light blue one and it's always kinda peeved me that you can see the name stamp. Grey is listed as a light fabric as well so I'm wondering if I'll have the same issue with that shade.
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