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Drop to $10 for each pair or $15 for both shipped.
Last pair sold.
Price drop. $12 for either pair of the Zimmerli or both for $20 shipped.
Price drop on the remaining cords to $80 shipped.
Any Rudy's guys looking for cords, I've got a pair of Navy Wales from the FF's last year in the B&S.
Khaki's sold. Just the cords left now.
Will the no sales tax offer apply to MTO Rivet Chino's ordered in store that day?
Moleskins sold. Will bundle the remaining 2 for $150.
Bresciani sold.    Will bundle the two Zimmerli's for $25.
Three pair of Rudy's up for sale. All three pair have been well taken care of. I've just realize that while the Rudy's are perfect for me in wool pants, the Rivet Chino silhouette works better for my super casual workplace when it comes to cotton.   First up is a pair of Navy Wale corduroy Factory Finds. These were worn exactly once. The only alteration to them was having them hemmed to a 32" inseam/42" outseam. As you can see in the photo, there's more fabric to...
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