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Speaking of Lululemon shorts... As a new father myself, I've been bemoaning my lack of a nice, heavy sweat short that I can sleep in and wear to the coffee shop for some espresso without having to change into something more presentable. The only lounge shorts I've been able to find are all soft and comfortable, but they lose their shape in a matter of weeks and look like glorified underwear. Perhaps an EPLA 'Fatherhood' sweat short made from thick terry?
Am I wrong that the collars on the EPLA Oxfords appear to be unfused?
Will the Oxford Cloth Rivet Chino's be coming back this year? And if so, will they be available in the MTO program? Will there be any other fabrics added to the MTO RC's? I'd love to get a pair of the Ash Twills.
If you call it The Fairfax, the denim better be kosher.
Any chance there'll be an ecru or cream oxford fabric in the next round of FF shirts? I'm in need of one and would prefer it to be Epaulet.
Epaulet regularly offers limited run offerings in pants, shirts or jackets. Since the fabrics are in quantities too small for a full-run, they get a discount on them from their suppliers and are thus able to offer the items at a lower price than one would generally pay for pieces of that quality.
This is a L 'Exploded Check' Factory Find button-down shirt from last year. Very nice shirt w/ great tones of blue. It's been worn a handful of times, dry-cleaned once and stored on a cedar hanger in a non-smoking home.
Drop to $10 for each pair or $15 for both shipped.
Last pair sold.
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