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        Thank you, gentlemen.     
AE white bucks, 10 1/2, available. Looked beat to shit when I picked them up, but I gave them some love and attention so they look presentable. I can take better pics if anyone's really interested. There is a small hole from the security tag, courtesy of the savages at the thrift.  
Can one of you gentlemen tell em about what I've found here?   Says: Bespoke Grade, Made in England, Barrie Ltd. .... as in Chester Barrie?     Strap completely wraps around the upper.   I'm having my shoe repair shop dress and clean them. Should come out looking like champs.      
Recent Burberry?   [[SPOILER]]      
  It's the full suit, my friend. I'll make it back there Monday at the latest to check it out. PM me your usual measurements to make sure it's a fit.  
any Zegna Sport fans? this has a beautiful feel, micro-houndstooth pattern, and killer buttons. Large and available.       Seersucker anyone?left one of these behind, proxy available (they wanted $40). 42R if i remember correctly, and seemingly in good condition.   Brooks Bros Seersucker, Milano Fit
big nasty Zero Halliburton for $9. Resale on eBay isn't quite what I had hoped. anyone know the details on their refurbishing service?   [[SPOILER]]  
      Thanks to both of you gentlemen. The Dormeuil seemed to be very nice, I'll keep an eye out for it next time.     I figured the Alexandre was nothing special.  I didn't find anything impressive at the time I saw it.
a moment for education if you please. any info on these is appreciated:       this was on a samuelsohn jacket:      
left behind, BD Baggies in 17":   hell yeah those are Mallards flying in paisley!
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