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Recent Burberry?   [[SPOILER]]      
  It's the full suit, my friend. I'll make it back there Monday at the latest to check it out. PM me your usual measurements to make sure it's a fit.  
any Zegna Sport fans? this has a beautiful feel, micro-houndstooth pattern, and killer buttons. Large and available.       Seersucker anyone?left one of these behind, proxy available (they wanted $40). 42R if i remember correctly, and seemingly in good condition.   Brooks Bros Seersucker, Milano Fit
big nasty Zero Halliburton for $9. Resale on eBay isn't quite what I had hoped. anyone know the details on their refurbishing service?   [[SPOILER]]  
      Thanks to both of you gentlemen. The Dormeuil seemed to be very nice, I'll keep an eye out for it next time.     I figured the Alexandre was nothing special.  I didn't find anything impressive at the time I saw it.
a moment for education if you please. any info on these is appreciated:       this was on a samuelsohn jacket:      
left behind, BD Baggies in 17":   hell yeah those are Mallards flying in paisley!
  i am distraught. i finally decided to got to a record shop in town and get a professional opinion on the value of a neat 5 piece vinyl collection from the 40's that i picked up from a thrift for $2. while walking down the stairs, it slipped from my hand, and the entire leather binding ripped apart. i have seen similar collections sell for upwards of $600. whatever this was worth, it's now a fraction of that.    appreciate the recommendation though. i may peel myself...
i have just added a small collection of inexpensive polo shirts and a nice casual blazer:   Various labels, all Large   J Crew mainline and factory   Bullock & Jones Green Blazer, 40L   SOLD!  
  at first i thought you were opening with a joke. 
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