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i am currently hunting for a suit that is appropriate for job interviews. this is the first i've found in my size (38S) in months and i want to know if i'm being too picky. my problem with it is the low button stance, which puts the top button just right above my navel. ultimately i simply need an inexpensive serviceable suit until i'm able to invest in better quality.   i know i'll need to narrow the torso a bit and shorten the sleeves. once that's done, will this...
A guy selling an RLPL finds my thread and says:   "Sooo, let's see... maybe this elev8rz will buy my RLPL pinstr...... wait no he's broke. But wait! This ampersand character sounds like he's doing muuuuuch better. Good thing he jumped on eleL8RZ thread.... ha! I said eleL8RZ"   lol. just fuckin with you ampersand. hope you find a beautiful suit.
accepting "Best Offers" from dickheads on eBay who end up not paying. why the fuck did you make the offer?! why haven't you responded to my messages?! do you want a non-payment case, you shit?!     
I'll hopefully be interviewing for a new job soon and I don't have a decent suit. Let's say I'm in the rebuilding stage and I've had a hell of a time waiting for one in my size to pop up on my thrifting route. I'm looking for a decent suit of no particular brand in charcoal, preferably, but navy is great as well. Please keep in mind I am limited on what I can invest right now, so if you have been waiting to unload your Oxxford or RLPL, I may not be your man. I'll kindly...
an aged spirit is great... if she knows how to select for you.   the most romantic gift i received was from my wife. i love Johnny Cash. so, for our anniversary she sent me on a scavenger hunt around our tiny apartment where i collected each of the 5 discs of the "Unearthed" boxed set.     that's a roMANtic gesture.    
about to put these up on eBay. if you're interested in buying, i'm interested in saving on seller's fees   PM me, the worst i can say is no thank you.   Black Fleece Polo, great condition $40 shipped (OBO) i repaired this small hole to the left of the icon.   Kiton 7 fold, NWOT, $70 shipped (OBO)   stopped by a goodwill and found two bins of shoe trees from Nordstrom's at $1.99 each (so, maybe $4/pair based on the round and round they gave me last...
these are ending tomorrow, afternoon and evening.    Brass Boots Monkstraps, Sz 9 M J&M Captoe, Sz 10.5 M Faconnable Button-Down, XL Orvis Dress Shirt, XL Orvis Button-Down, XL   let me know you're a member and get 10% off      
picked up a box of 24 of these at an estate sale for a buck. may not be worth flipping unless there's some freaky gucci fiend out there.  i may either have to take up smoking or bust out the edible soy mood candles more often to make use of these.... yeeaa these are going to collect some dust.  
recent additions:   Johnston & Murphy captoe, 10.5 M Orvis Button-Down, XL Orvis Dress Shirt, XL Faconnable Button-Down, XL   members PM me if interested in anything you see.   I'll post this polo as soon as i repair than tiny tiny little hole:
$1 Kiton  $1 Bullock & Jones (never heard of this one before, anyone know about it? seems to be quality construction)    
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