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  i am distraught. i finally decided to got to a record shop in town and get a professional opinion on the value of a neat 5 piece vinyl collection from the 40's that i picked up from a thrift for $2. while walking down the stairs, it slipped from my hand, and the entire leather binding ripped apart. i have seen similar collections sell for upwards of $600. whatever this was worth, it's now a fraction of that.    appreciate the recommendation though. i may peel myself...
i have just added a small collection of inexpensive polo shirts and a nice casual blazer:   Various labels, all Large   J Crew mainline and factory   Bullock & Jones Green Blazer, 40L   SOLD!  
  at first i thought you were opening with a joke. 
picked up this a while back from B&J, my first experience with their line, and it's a favorite     this one is a recent, the orange tag i posted, and it feels great. not my size, 40L, and available.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/180856335656?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649#ht_500wt_1054  
with all of the non-clothing items some of y'all have posted up to share, it thought someone may be able to help me out.   does anyone know of, or has anyone used, a reliable online resource for selling vinyl records? with 3 non-pays in the past month, eBay is losing my favor.    
thank you, sir.    on another note: stopped by a second-hand tonight and found two 38S suits... with no damn pants!!!  FMS (fuck my size).
okay, in need of some education here. some of you are able to tell a lot based on a version of a label (older or current), will you be kind enough to clue me in?     [[SPOILER]]   then, what's the general opinion on these two brands? [[SPOILER]]  
  Okay, I can deal with that. Thanks for the info.
I made it out to a new spot I've only visited once before, and I may have hit a small jackpot. Verification please? If these work out they will go towards my interview suiting fund. You guys gave me some hope    Armani Le Collezioni, 46L:   [[SPOILER]] Ermenigildo Zegna, ?L (EU Sizing maybe, difficult to make out):   [[SPOILER]]      
I'm really overwhelmed by yall's kindness. I've been PM'ing with a couple of members and didn't realize there was such a response. I really want to express to all of you my gratitude for your offers and well-wishes. I shared this story thinking I might start a "pay it forward" thread, or at the very least hear some other stories y'all may have, but I didn't expect this. I'll get to each of you individually as soon as I'm able. Thank you all again.     Maybe we can...
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