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These bucks are in fair condition. They still have plenty of life left in the sole. There are some markings which I have been unable to remove: pale pinkish stains on the toe of the left shoe; light soiling both uppers; scuffs on heels; pierce on outer upper of right shoe (from security tag, courtesy of the savages at the local thrift). Pics should give you a good idea of the condition, any questions please ask. Shipping is negotiable. 
These are ending tonight:   Allen Edmonds Tassel Loafers, Grayson last, 11.5 B   Barrie Ltd. Jodhpur, 12 A
I have two handsome shirts from Faconnable. The price is $30 each, shipping included. I'm open to offers.   This is a plaid button-down collar with horn buttons. Measurements as follows: Shoulder: 23.5" Chest: 28.5" Sleeve: 25.5" Length (BOC): 35"       This is a multi-stripe with a contrast collar, MOP buttons, and french cuffs.   Measurements as follows: Shoulder: 22" Chest: 28" Sleeve: 22" (Folded Cuff) Length (BOC): 34.5"
Recent additions and accepting Best Offers. Be sure to let me know that you're a SF member.   Allen Edmonds Grayson, 11.5 B   Barrie Ltd. Jodhpurs, 12 A   Burberry Dress Shirt, 17
  Nordstrom Dark Blue Stripe , 15.5x33 (M), $10   Chaps Light Blue Stripe, 14.5x33 (S), $10   Gitman Brothers Blue Windowpane Dress Shirt, 16x35, $15   Brooks Brothers Blue solid, 16.5x34 (L), $8   BD Baggies Khaki Safari Style, Small, $10   Tom James Blue Solid w/ French Cuffs, L-XL, $15   Faconnable Red and Blue Check, XL, $20  
These Graysons are in very good condition. They is only minor creasing across the toe and the soles are scuffed but not overly worn.      
No hate taken. Yeah, when I picked them up I didn't notice the gash. It was only until I had them in front of my shoe repair guy that I noticed it. Then, he offered to do the entire job (including the AE's) for under $20, so I couldn't say no. Considering the great work he did, I'd say the value remains.   
AE Grayson, 11 1/2 B. Damn fine condition. They originally had some discoloration, but my guy refinished them and they look fantastic. Available.   [[SPOILER]]   Barrie Ltd. Jodhpur Boots, 12 A.  Also refinished and I had a gash repaired. Damn fine condition and available.    [[SPOILER]]      
        Thank you, gentlemen.     
AE white bucks, 10 1/2, available. Looked beat to shit when I picked them up, but I gave them some love and attention so they look presentable. I can take better pics if anyone's really interested. There is a small hole from the security tag, courtesy of the savages at the thrift.  
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