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Currently selling on eBay and accepting 'Best Offers':   J Press DB Overcoat   Hickey Freeman Sportcoat   Herringbone Overcoat   Brooks Bros. Ladies' Overcoat
Some ties I picked up on my last few trips. If any questions of the authenticity please let me know as these are my firsts of each designer.   From L to R: John Varvatos; RRL; Canali; Canali     Close-ups:     [[SPOILER]]   Some other stuff (unavailble):       Tie carousel with compartment for accessories and blank name-plate     Surcingle belt. I'm unfamiliar with the maker, any info appreciated. And these are flags representing what exactly? Boating clubs?    Old...
These mocs are in great condition with little to no wear on the tread and almost no creasing on the toe. Shipping is $9. 
All shirts are available for $35 $25 unless otherwise stated. Shipping to COTUS is $5 for first shirt, then $1.50 each additional.  NOW SHIPPING INCLUDED! If you do want to purchase more than one I am open to negotiation and respectable offers will be considered. SERIOUS BUYERS may inquire about more detailed measurements if necessary.      Gitman Bros., Blue Tattersall, Size 16/35   Billy Reid, Broken Stripe over Light Blue, Size L   Tom James, Blue French...
Here are some recent finds from the past few days:   Okay, I found two Zegna's with different tags. Would someone kindly explain the difference? The first has a dark 'Z' behind the name (if you can see it at all). The second has a little 'Z' above the name. Both are Large and available as well.     Found my first Billy Reid out in the wild (Size L).     Then, what must be an old Giorgio Armani with a mafioso-ish pointed collar.    Sorry, but this one is...
Got out for just a bit yesterday, all available if interested.   LL Bean Driving Loafers, 11 D         [[SPOILER]]   Burberry Plaid Button-Down, XL     Zegna and PRL neckties       [[SPOILER]]
The result of my first trip in a good while. All available. Pics aren't great so if you're interested in anything let me know.   Shirts:   Canali (white OCBD, 17); Ike Behar (lavender OCBD, 14.5/33); Gitman Bros. (blue on white tattersall, 16/35)   Zanella (yellow linen, ss, M); Zegna Sport (red button-front, ss, M)      Slacks (all the pleats you can handle of course): Zanella (grayish-brown, 42x30); Hugo Boss (charcoal, 36x27.25) ; Canali Loro Piana (olive...
Pants are in great condition aside from a small tear in a seam around one of the back pockets (a very easy repair).   Shipping dependent upon preferences, from $6-10 COTUS.
White button-down collar, textured stripes, thick but soft. Excellent condition. Depending on your preferences, from $6-10 for shipping (COTUS).    Measurements as follows: Neck: 17" Shoulder: 21.5" Chest: 25" Sleeve: 25.5" Length: 32"
Two nice pieces of Canali, both available:   White Button-Down with Tonal Stripes, Sz 43/17     [[SPOILER]]     Olive Triple-pleated slacks, Sz. 37x32 (small tear around back pocket seam, easy repair)     [[SPOILER]]
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