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    I have to make a trip to the tailor in almost every case, thrift or otherwise, because of my short and slim stature. $5 for a brag-worthy shirt that only needs $20 in alterations to the sleeve and torso to fit like a glove, well worth it. But, I do agree with amadar that you should be particular by knowing that it does, in fact, have a place in your wardrobe. Good advice.
Yes, I'm aware of the difference. I'll state more specifically in the future.   Yeah, that CD was questionable since I couldn't remember all the clues to look for. I decided that if it was discovered not to be THE Dior then I would harvest the buttons. Thanks!
Somewhat fruitful trip. All available   Loro Piana (correction: Daniel Cremieux w/LP cloth) Navy 2 button, 42R         [[SPOILER]]     Sakowitz Cashmere Blend overcoat, (no stated size) about 38-40R   [[SPOILER]]       And maybe I should have passed it up. You tell me, 16/41     [[SPOILER]]
Found these for my cousin, can someone tell me the maker behind Saks Fifth?             [[SPOILER]]   Also, found these wool knits I'm not going to keep. If interested PM me.         [[SPOILER]]
^^^ I have bought shirts just to harvest the MOP buttons (if the price was right) and I think it's not only acceptable, but obligatory. Great pieces (of pieces, as it were) get a new life. Think of it as an old heirloom passed from one generation garment to another.  
Found a few nice SC's, none my size so they're available.    Loro Piana orphan, windowpane, 38R   [[SPOILER]]   No name Haris Tweed herringbone, about 42R     Old Abercombie & Fitch, nice tweedy wool w/throat latch, 42R   [[SPOILER]]   Canali Proposta brown check, 3 button, 52L (actually found this a long while ago, just want to get rid of it!)  
Got out for a bit yesterday and found a couple of goodies, not my size. Both available. PM for better pics if interested.   Burberry Tuxedo Shirt, Size 16/34     [[SPOILER]]     John Varvatos cotton sport coat, seems recent and unworn, Sz. 54     [[SPOILER]]
Currently selling on eBay and accepting 'Best Offers':   J Press DB Overcoat   Hickey Freeman Sportcoat   Herringbone Overcoat   Brooks Bros. Ladies' Overcoat
Some ties I picked up on my last few trips. If any questions of the authenticity please let me know as these are my firsts of each designer.   From L to R: John Varvatos; RRL; Canali; Canali     Close-ups:     [[SPOILER]]   Some other stuff (unavailble):       Tie carousel with compartment for accessories and blank name-plate     Surcingle belt. I'm unfamiliar with the maker, any info appreciated. And these are flags representing what exactly? Boating clubs?    Old...
These mocs are in great condition with little to no wear on the tread and almost no creasing on the toe. Shipping is $9. 
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