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    Thank you, gents.
Authenticity check please? I've found Coach belts before, but never in this style. The emblem has always been horizontal and I've never seen a big X.  
One stop. One dope-ass pair of slacks. Not my size, so available.     Adjustable, tagged 36-38W       [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
Got out for an hour yesterday.   No Brand, 100% Cashmere, XL       Gray Flat Fronts   [[SPOILER]]   What kind of dog is this? It's the one that speaks with a Scottish accent.     3 Polo ties, "made by hand" tag, Extra long length         BAM! [[SPOILER]]   Something for my son       And a special shout out to Spoo. This is his gracious trade for the Ferrari tie a while back. [[SPOILER]]
An okay little haul between two stores:   Ermenigeldo Zegna, Flat Fronts y'all, 35x32         [[SPOILER]]   Ermenigeldo Zegna, Golf Chinos (very light weight), 34ish x 32       [[SPOILER]]       From top to bottom: Ermenigeldo Zegna, Corneliani ID, Steven Alan (NWT)         [[SPOILER]] Saks Fifth Ave, staple gray, 34 x 29             [[SPOILER]]   EDIT: all available, PM if interesed 
Found these over the holiday but never shared.         [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]       Cole Haan Suede Saddle shoes N/A [[SPOILER]]     Leather weekend bag, some of the nicest and most supple leather I've handled (Glove leather maybe?). Unbranded. N/A
EDIT: Just realized how silly this haul looks after jamiebryant's. I'm so sorry.     Not much to speak of recently, but I'm happy with these.       [[SPOILER]]     Found my Easter necktie: [[SPOILER]]     My second Seven-Fold ever:       I'll give you one guess who is going to PM me on this one: [[SPOILER]]
    I have to make a trip to the tailor in almost every case, thrift or otherwise, because of my short and slim stature. $5 for a brag-worthy shirt that only needs $20 in alterations to the sleeve and torso to fit like a glove, well worth it. But, I do agree with amadar that you should be particular by knowing that it does, in fact, have a place in your wardrobe. Good advice.
Yes, I'm aware of the difference. I'll state more specifically in the future.   Yeah, that CD was questionable since I couldn't remember all the clues to look for. I decided that if it was discovered not to be THE Dior then I would harvest the buttons. Thanks!
Somewhat fruitful trip. All available   Loro Piana (correction: Daniel Cremieux w/LP cloth) Navy 2 button, 42R         [[SPOILER]]     Sakowitz Cashmere Blend overcoat, (no stated size) about 38-40R   [[SPOILER]]       And maybe I should have passed it up. You tell me, 16/41     [[SPOILER]]
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