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EDIT: Just realized how silly this haul looks after jamiebryant's. I'm so sorry.     Not much to speak of recently, but I'm happy with these.       [[SPOILER]]     Found my Easter necktie: [[SPOILER]]     My second Seven-Fold ever:       I'll give you one guess who is going to PM me on this one: [[SPOILER]]
    I have to make a trip to the tailor in almost every case, thrift or otherwise, because of my short and slim stature. $5 for a brag-worthy shirt that only needs $20 in alterations to the sleeve and torso to fit like a glove, well worth it. But, I do agree with amadar that you should be particular by knowing that it does, in fact, have a place in your wardrobe. Good advice.
Yes, I'm aware of the difference. I'll state more specifically in the future.   Yeah, that CD was questionable since I couldn't remember all the clues to look for. I decided that if it was discovered not to be THE Dior then I would harvest the buttons. Thanks!
Somewhat fruitful trip. All available   Loro Piana (correction: Daniel Cremieux w/LP cloth) Navy 2 button, 42R         [[SPOILER]]     Sakowitz Cashmere Blend overcoat, (no stated size) about 38-40R   [[SPOILER]]       And maybe I should have passed it up. You tell me, 16/41     [[SPOILER]]
Found these for my cousin, can someone tell me the maker behind Saks Fifth?             [[SPOILER]]   Also, found these wool knits I'm not going to keep. If interested PM me.         [[SPOILER]]
^^^ I have bought shirts just to harvest the MOP buttons (if the price was right) and I think it's not only acceptable, but obligatory. Great pieces (of pieces, as it were) get a new life. Think of it as an old heirloom passed from one generation garment to another.  
Found a few nice SC's, none my size so they're available.    Loro Piana orphan, windowpane, 38R   [[SPOILER]]   No name Haris Tweed herringbone, about 42R     Old Abercombie & Fitch, nice tweedy wool w/throat latch, 42R   [[SPOILER]]   Canali Proposta brown check, 3 button, 52L (actually found this a long while ago, just want to get rid of it!)  
Got out for a bit yesterday and found a couple of goodies, not my size. Both available. PM for better pics if interested.   Burberry Tuxedo Shirt, Size 16/34     [[SPOILER]]     John Varvatos cotton sport coat, seems recent and unworn, Sz. 54     [[SPOILER]]
Currently selling on eBay and accepting 'Best Offers':   J Press DB Overcoat   Hickey Freeman Sportcoat   Herringbone Overcoat   Brooks Bros. Ladies' Overcoat
Some ties I picked up on my last few trips. If any questions of the authenticity please let me know as these are my firsts of each designer.   From L to R: John Varvatos; RRL; Canali; Canali     Close-ups:     [[SPOILER]]   Some other stuff (unavailble):       Tie carousel with compartment for accessories and blank name-plate     Surcingle belt. I'm unfamiliar with the maker, any info appreciated. And these are flags representing what exactly? Boating clubs?    Old...
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