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I didn't plan on stopping in, but I did anyway. If you're the right size, you may be glad I did too           [[SPOILER]]               [[SPOILER]]                 [[SPOILER]]     I found these a few trips back, but don't remember if I shared: Coach stretch belt and a Parisian branded calf belt (both unavailable)           I know a few of you like the nautical theme accessories (available if you really dig it).     Wait for it...       [[SPOILER]]
Decent little haul today for the morning.   First RG and the least crazy pattern I've seen. Size M. It has a tonal woven floral pattern throughout and metal-backed MOP's (each is marked with the name as well).       [[SPOILER]]       More Polo madras (33, available) and a pair of LL Bean "critter" shorts with sail boats (not available).     King Street brogue wingtips, 9 and in great condition (available).     Cole Haan driving mocs, black leather, 8 and almost...
Got my first Barbour today! Only a sweater though   [[SPOILER]]     Thomas pink, herringbone       Zegna with a textured weave
Pretty slim today, picked up these two.   17 1/2 x 36 gingham w/French Cuff (available)     Finally some Madras, 34w (available)    
    Thank you, gents.
Authenticity check please? I've found Coach belts before, but never in this style. The emblem has always been horizontal and I've never seen a big X.  
One stop. One dope-ass pair of slacks. Not my size, so available.     Adjustable, tagged 36-38W       [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
Got out for an hour yesterday.   No Brand, 100% Cashmere, XL       Gray Flat Fronts   [[SPOILER]]   What kind of dog is this? It's the one that speaks with a Scottish accent.     3 Polo ties, "made by hand" tag, Extra long length         BAM! [[SPOILER]]   Something for my son       And a special shout out to Spoo. This is his gracious trade for the Ferrari tie a while back. [[SPOILER]]
An okay little haul between two stores:   Ermenigeldo Zegna, Flat Fronts y'all, 35x32         [[SPOILER]]   Ermenigeldo Zegna, Golf Chinos (very light weight), 34ish x 32       [[SPOILER]]       From top to bottom: Ermenigeldo Zegna, Corneliani ID, Steven Alan (NWT)         [[SPOILER]] Saks Fifth Ave, staple gray, 34 x 29             [[SPOILER]]   EDIT: all available, PM if interesed 
Found these over the holiday but never shared.         [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]       Cole Haan Suede Saddle shoes N/A [[SPOILER]]     Leather weekend bag, some of the nicest and most supple leather I've handled (Glove leather maybe?). Unbranded. N/A
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