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Posts by Zayus has this item sold?
it's not the same jacket, according to a thread I finally found there is a third colour in actual black, aside from the grey and blue. the pure black one has black buttons while the grey and indigo versions have brown buttons. apparently black is the rarer limited edition version. that's what I gather from this thread I'm 6', I think this might fit me as they run small but I've never really worn W+H so I'm not completely confident yet.
I hear wings and horns runs small so this might be what I need as a regular medium person I have a really tough time understanding jacket measurements though anyways is this a 'Wings + horns Dintex chambray parka'? I'm confused because after looking up the model I can only find the jacket in two colours, indigo (light blue) and 'black' (grey with brown buttons) I couldn't find your colour in that style so I'm trying to confirm that it's the same waterproof...
idk why it posted twice..
if money wasn't so tied up I might go for that, been wanting some for a while. I hear you're supposed to size down one when buying GTs, so these would fit a size 9 snug right? just a few other questions.. How long have you owned them?  Why are you selling them? Have you treated the leather and if so with what? (you probably haven't but just to be sure)
I'm looking for a pair of Naked and Famous' Houndstooth jeans preferably in size 30 or 31 waist (marked by manufacturer) other less notable N&F interests include: 26 oz, 'pure black' and 'Greencast' I'm also willing to trade (or sell) a pair of N&F Brushed Herringbone Grey NWT
Price Drop $140 Shipped WILL TRADE FOR OTHER N&F, LIST BELOW. For sale Naked and Famous Brushed Herringbone Twill in Grey Weirdguy Waist - 29, as defined by N&F Retails for $170 $120 (sale) on Revolve Clothing These pants have only been worn for under 10 minutes They're 10oz, very light great for spring. Marked Size: 29 Measurements (by blue in green measure guide) Waist: 30" Knee (13" from crotch): 8" Upper Thigh: 11" Front Rise: 10" Back Rise:...
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