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Wings + Horns - sold Medium Fleece Hoodie from 3 or more seasons ago Very warm, excellent condition, unwashed, pre-owned. Slim Guys: Beije Chino 30 -soaked twice, worn plenty Broken Twill 30 -soaked and washed a lot Big Slub 30 -brand new in bag untouched with tags Solid Black 30 -soaked once, worn lightly Weird Guys sold Houndstooth 29 -worn a dozen times, rare 150 made wool/denim blend Grey 30 -no washes or soaks, worn plenty Elephant #2 30 -washed 2,  worn...
I can have more some up a little later
Elf side zip boots from Fiorentini & Baker, previously owned. Size 42, or 9/9.5 they fit like sz 42 CP, or 9.5 nike worn about 3 times out in good weather, condition 8.5/10 I'm letting these go because ultimately I'd prefer something laced, and am willing to trade for anything similar, F&B Buttero 42/43 msrp was $440, I paid $190, tons of life left.    
no longer
Alright I'll probably go through with the transaction then if eBay can protect me, I guess I just need to read up on the steps it takes to be protected.As for finding an independent review of the seller on a forum like this or any other, I meant that for their site sole eyewear.comIf it sells authentic goods in such quantity, its just strange that no one here or elsewhere had shed any light on their genuinity like shades daddy or sunglass hutIf I Google 'is shades daddy...
Hey I've been trying to get my hands on a specific model of ray bans, caravan flip out sunglasses Its been hell. Its a sold out model and I live in Canada. I ordered them at full price on shades daddy only to have them say my size, 56, was not available and the money returned to my account. Anyways, I found this company 'sole eyewear' and I haven't found a single solid review of this site or its eBay account. It has a modest 9000+ positive reviews, 25 negative, since 2004...
For sale as titled, N&F big slub model, 18 oz, tagged size 30 retails $215, asking half that (cont us and canada) these are unworn untouched, in bag, tagged, not even tried on refer to blue owl for more info.
I'm a Canadian resident, I tried to purchase this off the RL website but they don't ship to Canada. Macy's also won't ship this particular item to Canada either (I think macy's has agreed to not ship anything RL internationally) neither will the UK site. My last option was The Bay but it has long since sold out. If you're selling this, or know how I can acquire it myself, any help would be much appreciated.
I'm getting pretty frustrated right now, tried to buy something off Ralph Lauren only to find out that they absolutely do not ship anything internationally. Since then I've been looking non stop for a mail forwarding service but I'm having no luck at all. he letter carrier isn't accepting anymore customers at this time MyUs doesn't seem to have a working registration page and everything else wants to charge me for a monthly/annual mailbox rental All I want is one...
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