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  Dude, you rock.   1) I'm wearing my Boss shirt today for the first time and I see what you mean. 2) I hate wide spread (on me) 3) I've ordered starch 4) I wear a jacket too.   and 5) I have wurkin stiffs coming to me in the next few days.   It's Friday and I too like that look at the office. That article you linked to is very funny. And the haters are fine with me, they're just breaking my balls a little bit :) nothing wrong with that.    
Many questions and things learnt here.   1 - I took some sh1t from certain people here but I understand it's part of the initiation. That's fine with me and in fact, I enjoyed it because there's nothing worse than creating a thread everyone ignores. So being flamed is at least something and I have a sense of humour too.   2 - Some very interesting answers and a very good point about assistants re-arranging actors' clothes before a scene. I hadn't thought of...
I understand dude, it's all good. Thanks, I have learned a lot about shirts today and I'll certainly be more critical in my future purchases.
It's ok, I'm not taking it personally. I'd probably flame me if I were him. I gotta say thanks specially to the person who mentioned the wurkin stiffs, I watched a video on youtube and they look like they'd improve the look of my collars a LOT. I just ordered some, and some spray starch. 
I don't see what's so objectionable about what I said. To you it is, possibly and that's your opinion. Thanks to the other posters who gave helpful answers.
Aha, but lame first post does not equal trolling.    a) I watched Crazy Stupid Love because I watched Drive and thought I'd watch another of his movies. b) Because he's much more handsome and well dressed than me.  c) Because not all men are averse to admitting another looks hot. Besides it's the look I like more than the actor. Could have been anyone. I like Cary Grant equally well. d) That's what I came to find out! I didn't know there was nothing special about his...
Fine, flame me if it pleases you. I got a couple of relevant answers which is all I was after.
Obviously I won't ACTUALLY lose sleep over it but I do think he is amazingly well dressed in that movie and it's normal that I would want to seek advice from a fashion forum on how he achieves this, other than have Yves Saint Laurent etc design his clothes. 
Yes thank you that's what I meant. I have a nice Hugo Boss shirt and it kind of works but not quite. So stay away from the cheap ones, got it. Thanks.
No no I'm serious. Why do you think I'm trolling? I've researched the different types of collar, narrow point, wide spread, button-down etc. What is it about the design of those collars that give them that cool top button undone look? 
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