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I placed an order for two pairs of shoes on may 5 and paid yesterday night. I must say that communicating with meermin can be downright frustrating sometimes. Don't get me wrong, Luisa is very nice and responds very quickly, and my case could very well be unique.   Earlier, I was told I would be paying for a single pair which was completed much earlier than the other. This way they would wait for me to determine if the sizing was right before sending the next...
that's a pretty slick offer. excited to see the results if it goes down!
I think it's most apparent on the second link -- and any models with the reverse captoe.  I think someone had pictures of that model earlier in the thread, and it looked thicker there as well
mr.moo, idunno if it's been asked (a search showed you haven't said anything about them) but who makes those cordovan wingtip bluchers in the very first post? they're gorgeous!
Without a doubt.  I'm just trying to figure it all out once and for all so that I have one less thing to worry about with my future purchases! thanks again!
thanks again -- do they charge taxes on top of duties like they do in Canada? if so...shipping to Chicago doesn't seem like much of a better option!
thanks kwhunter I've read about self-clearing things that shipped from the states to avoid paying the brokerage fees, for some reason I just assumed it would translate to any other country--you learn something new everyday   as a follow-up question, would it be cheaper to have them shipped to the states and brought over?
I've read through the entire thread and I'm not trying to beat a dead horse, just want to make sure of something before I order.   I'm located in Toronto and am looking to get two pairs and Luisa informed me they ship via Fedex and UPS to Canada.   Does anyone know which would be cheaper or has anyone asked for the brokerage fee-inclusive shipping upgrade?   I know some people got dinged pretty badly for BROKERAGE fees, and would love to learn to avoid them and...
  I'm in Toronto as well and was wondering if you could let me know how much (as well as duties and taxes) your shoes came out to. They look awesome and I'm itching to order a couple of pairs. Thanks!
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