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In on the navy floral yeeeeehaw
Hi! Just signed up for the tote program and I have a question about sizing. How does a medium BD compare to a small AD in the waist? I ask because I have a small AD right now and it fits great in the shoulders and chest, but could use a bit of taper to the waist. Small BD is too tight in the chest but I like its fit through the waist. Thanks!
Hi!   As the title states, I'm looking for CP BBall High in black, size 40.  Willing to negotiable price.  I am located in Canada, if that makes a difference.  Looking for shoes in good condition.   Thanks for looking!
Has anyone from Canada ordered from Nitty Gritty Store before?  Were they able to mark down packages and did you get hit with duties?
Can someone comment on the sizing of the Linen Dobby (polka dots)?  I checked out the sizing charts of indigo and cotton, acrimony, and context and they all have different measurements.
For sale is a size small Wings+Horns SS2012 Corded Rider Jacket.   I've worn it around 5 times, and I just had it dry cleaned for this sale.  I have to sell this because, as cool as it is, I've been working out and it is now too small for me.   It is a beautiful piece, made in Canada out of w+h's nice and heavy German cord fabric.  All zips are RiRi, and it has a very detailed Navajo-style lining.  Composition is 100% cotton for both the lining and...
Yeah it's a sexy jacket, no doubt.  I think it's the added material to make it reversible just makes it fit super tight.
Okay so my TOJ1 doesn't fit.  It's a stock 48 in the "jason bourne" colorway with tiger camo reverse side.  Looking to trade for a 50 TOJ1 in black/black/camo or jason bourne/camo or sell for $350+shipping since that's what I paid for it.
anyone willing to sell a size 50 TOJ1 in black/black/camo or grey/white/camo?   EDIT: changed size.  still looking!
How small are you guys talking with the size of the TOJ1?  I'm thinking of picking one up used.  I'm 5'9," 160lbs, 37" chest, 17.5" shoulder.  Will I be okay with a size 46?
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