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In all seriousness (well, some amount of seriousness), I'm a musician and I've always wanted to start a band where everyone wears a uniform of some sort, because that is just cool. The black suit thing is a classic move - the aforementioned Tom Waits & Leonard Cohen, James Murphy/LCD Soundsystem, the Blues Brothers, the whole 2 Tone English ska phase of the late 70's...
Not that I'm aware of. I've been in many weddings and have never had the clothing provided for me, and I'm not buying the guys' suits for my upcoming wedding.      
I'm self-employed, so the issue has less to do with my superiors and more to do with my own neuroses.      
I don't think I've ever been invited to anything where I'm expected to be in a dinner jacket. I'm lucky if anyone invites me to dinner in the first place.    
I just hate to pay for a suit that will rarely/never be worn. I will feel a strong desire to get some use out of it.    
Yeah, I don't want to get busted for noncompliance. I recognize that midnight blue and black are very close, but it's not worth taking the risk and hearing it from his fiancee/wife for the rest of time.    
What? I don't care about people I actually meet in real life, I care exclusively about the opinions of random people on the internet.   /snarkiness off   Thanks, I appreciate the input.    
Good to know. Most likely we won't be buying anything this time...the watch will be a wedding gift for me from my fiancee, and, given that I know little about watches other than a bit I've seen/read online, I want to see some examples of what different styles look and feel like IRL.    
Not sure if they offer black - I'll be at the new flagship in NYC in a few weeks, so I figured I'd look around.    
This summer, I'm in my friend's wedding, and he has decided that all of his groomsmen will be wearing black suits of their own choosing. Now, I'm not much of a black suit fan, and I know that opinion is generally shared here. But I'm going to be buying a black suit for this occasion (probably going the H&M or Uniqlo route, no sense spending a lot of dough), and I'd hate to have a suit hanging in my closet that I'm never going to wear. Any thoughts on when I might be able...
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