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  mickey rourke in jean paul gaultier?
the slikhaar link from willpower is so awesome! you guys should really check it out. i was checking the sam worthington hair vid. didn't even know who he was. (dude in avatar) but the guy in the vid had an even nicer cut than the fellow he was trying to cop steeze of..
much thanks kaplan! that was very informative! i guess i do share your liking for the titanium models. very nice look on panerais. the radiomir case was actually the 1st that caught my eye but the luminor has definitely gron on me. my only other nice watch atm is a railmaster 39mm so i got pretty used to no second hand or subdial. if i do get the pam000 i can always have it brushed i guess with my watch guy. yes for some reason the pam000 looked sportier to me but i... much appreciated!i looked at the lineup and i liked the very first 1 PAM000 a luminor with thr OP logo. also PAM176, which is a luminor in titanium. and i see my buddy had a historic as well, PAM233.
do all PAM's come with a rubber strap?   tried my co worker's PAM last friday and it was pretty sweet.   he had a luminor 8days gmt. (i think)   any advice on what kind of PAM to get?   i was thinking of a base model luminor or something complicated but sporty.   i will wear it on a rubber strap most of the time.
armani. abit expensive tho so i might try other brands..
certina ds 1 white face on leather and frederique constant art deco are okay with me.
hmm.. the one i saw had a backrest but along the side.    ligne roset ruche settee or the corbousier mentioned in my couch thread but that may be too short. also not vero deco anymore. 
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