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Chippewa advised me to use their Apache cream on these boots.
I am in the market for a leather jacket.  I live in Tennessee and our winters are mild.  I very seldom wear a heavy coat so I do not want a jacket that is very padded or warm.  I'm thinking something that could be worn in fall or early spring.  No thin leathers though.  A heavier gauge leather is fine and preferred to thin just not much quilting.  And no fabric cuffs please. Something that would look good with business casual or jeans and a tee shirt.  And my limit is...
I am seriously considering getting steel heel protectors added to my katahdins.  I really wear out the heels on my shoes rather quickly and would like to help them last as long as possible.  I've never had these heel protectors though so I'm not 100% sure.
Let us know how you like them.  They are quickly becoming my favorite shoes.  Yeah they don't look all that refined.  Mine has some visible glue in some places but they are super comfortable and they have a certain class about them.
Here is a link to the Apache cream:    
I emailed Chippewa and asked about their recommendation for care of these boots.  They asked for the style number of the boot.  I gave it to them and got this response:   For oil treated leathers, we recommend the use of a cream based conditioner, such as Apache Cream, to maintain the moisture in the leather.  To water resist these boots, the use of Aqua Seal or Snow Seal as well as Welt Seal is recommended, depending on the conditions the boots are being...
UPS delivered my Katahdin's yesterday.  I wear a 9.5 in athletic and dress shoes.  The only exception so far is that I wear a 9 in Danner boots.  9's fit me perfectly in the Katahdin.  I get a little heel slippage in the 9's and they fit snug everywhere else.  The 9.5 would be way too big.  Your mileage may vary but it does seem like the "buy 1/2 size down" advice is sound.   I'm trying to decide how to best keep the look that they have now.  They come from L.L. Bean...
I bought some leather caterpillar brand boots and they killed the top of my foot for weeks.  They feel so good now.  I think that may be part of the break in period.   I went ahead and ordered a 9D and 9.5D.  They showed to be both on backorder until Feb 26th but the 9D is apparently shipping now.
Are those the J. Crew "homestead" boots?  How do you like them so far?  Can you post some more pics?  I am considering these as a Katahdin alternative as I already have a few dark brown boots.
I'm seriously considering ordering a 9 and a 9.5 and returning  the one that doesn't fit.
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