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I remember wearing six holes in the 70s as well, I had a black pair I used for work after school. Also, knowledge about Solovair? I agree with the other comments, I didn't hear the name Solovair until the 80s, to me they were just Docs. My only pair of Solvairs were 11 hole black steel-toecap DMS Highlanders probably in 82, 83. Had Docs before that and plenty since.
Thanks, but I'm actually a Major.  
  Don't know where you got that notion from, I admit I get bored easily though ;).   But I agree I think a better name would be something like the suggestion made early "Hard Mods to Suedeheads"
On black leather bomber jackets, I remember getting my first one in 76, and nearly everyone I knew had one then, very popluar with jeans & boots.  
Well as the creator of the thread (I used the username Spirit of 69 back then) I think a name change would be better than making the thread private.   I like the Beer, Bovver & Birds suggestion or something like Boots & Braces   Or how about something like Peanuts, Suedeheads, Rudeboys & Smoothies?  ;)  ;)   Or how about as Kingstonian suggested Spirit of 69?
The scooter community in Sweden is made up of 4 distinct strands   1. Mods - young and old 2. Trad skinheads - young and old 3. Hard mods - Docs, army greens, jean jackets/bomber jackets 4. Everything else.     For the record I do not own a scooter.      And how's this for fashion? At work in the wet in SA   ;)  Does my head look big in this? :)
The Liptones, playing in my home town on Friday!      Time to skank!
No, it's my job,  I travel a lot & when I'm overseas on a project, mission or exercise for my govt agency I don't have much time for social media. Also  our SAS (Security Advice Service) officers recommend that we don't fanny around too much on facebook and so on.  Hence, my long absences from certain forums but not others, also the title of this thread could be misconstrued if someone saw it over my shoulder. And the thing is, sitting in a base camp with a few dozen...
Well, I see this thread is still going great guns. Just got home on Friday from an overseas project in Georgia on humanitarian emergency coordination, what a beautiful country, despite the conflicts of recent years.   Anyway, for those of you who still go to ska gigs, Bad Manners are playing The Junction in Cambridge on 7th June.   
Well I'm being called a liar here left,right and centre. So fuck it! I'm not going to keep on explaining to people who seem to think they had every corner of London covered!  Harry you must have been fucking busy keeping tabs on every gang of young teenagers in West London!   
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