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I plan to go and check out the Hermes sample sale but the website now lists it as beginning on 11 - 12 January instead of starting on the 10th.
LOL... Seems like the quality of their products and services are rather inconsistent then! Well, then I'm really lucky to be in London where they have actual shops that we can walk into to get fitted and pick the products by hand.   If you're travelling around Europe, make sure you pop into their stores in the Netherlands - I hear they have some outlet stores there!
It doesn't sound right at all to compare between 24 and 46?! Seriously, what is this size 24 business? 
Where is this from? You should definitely get it tailored though - sleeves seem too long by half an inch and the body could do with a bit of waisting as well.   Also, tuck in the flaps and you're set!
Since it's "black tie" season, thought I might help out anyone who may be interested in getting a dinner jacket + trousers from SuitSupply. Here's mine from SS that I bought at their store on Vigo Street. The service that I've experienced throughout my entire time there was impeccable and absolutely top-notch. Their alteration tailor did a very good job with my jacket and trousers too, if I may say so. Here are some fit...
Looking to make a trip to Northampton myself! Thanks to all the valuable info (eventho this is from a few years ago!)   Think they still have these kinda cheap prices for seconds there at their factory shops?
I just had my first bespoke suit made with Ah Loke and please allow me to cross-post the following pics from my post in the Newbie thread at                     Very very reasonably priced. It's fully canvassed, stitched lapel padding, working cuffs (duh), and customized lining pockets, ticket pocket, etc... A lot of weird oddities but I suppose it being my first time commissioning a suit from Ah Loke, it's also a...
A little CBD today:     [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]   Uploaded with [URL=][/URL]
And so I had the good fortune to meet up with terrorsquad & talk about finally taking a dip into Malaysian bespoke suits and he sold me that beautiful 4.8-meter long Harrison's Mystique cloth in navy. It's in the exact shade of navy that I was looking for.   Can't wait to get measured up!  
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