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woooo blackfriday sales! that PTO list is pretty great. Pitty a few of them dont ship international. Trying to get a discounted filson bag and having no luck :(
I was at a wedding and dropped some food on a brand new tie (a nice silk 7 fold herringbone tie, 2nd time wearing it) and my wife lovingly grabbed a napkin drenched in water and scrubbed it in. I now have a dark spot on my tie. It's not food but a water stain i think. Does anyone know of a good dry cleaner in Sydney that could take care of it?
loved this and i reckon it fits along side the other 2 well. Anne Hathaway was amazing as cat woman, i was expecting the worst from her.
Leprechaun pimp style, i like it.
no not really, Spaniards just sound like they have a lisp and over prounounce thier S. I have not heard many other south american speakers to compare.
or "mexican"
Well i could have said castellano speaking friend but for simplicity lets go with spanish. Spanish spoken by spaniards sounds funny to me but it's probably like how we sound to the English (or Americans to the English).
yeah my thinking was just replacing them. Got topy put on them as well so they should last me 2 years if treated well i think.
Im not real sure, im going to talk to him about another pair and see if he's interested in me passing on his details. His english is next to non existant so if you have a spanish speaking friend to bring along that would help. Will update on this soon.
Last week I met with a friends grandfather who was a shoemaker, he'd been making shoes since he was 13 years old back in Chile but now lives in south-west Sydney. I was a little skeptical at first but the price he quoted me was rather low so it was worth the gamble. I showed him a pair of brogued barkers I own and asked if he could do something similar in suade. He showed me a skin he had which i loved the colour of and measured up my feet. He grabbed a last from the...
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