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Tassels again:     Bexley Edgware Pantherella J.Crew
 Nothing lasts for ever, and has to be re-applied...; $17 for 4 boots is not outrageous IMHO, given the price of the boots
 Thanks, makes me feel better!
I ordered my first pair of Rancourt shoes, a Beefroll camp moc. I have no experience with Rancourt sizes; I am a 9.5D and I ordered a 9.5D... Now I wonder... how do they run?   Should I have had to order a size 10?    Please advise, I hate surprised like these... Thanks.
 No, he was talking about his expired US entry visa ... VISA credit cards are renewed automatically.Sorry B, I messed things up since I don't need one
Here in North America, but not in Mexico
When it's poured into the jar it's melted, so no worries...
Here, they send you a new Visa when the old expires, no need to renew it...
Casual Wednesday:     C&J Langham (my 1st C&Js, bought 1998...) Panther... PRL
Going 1/2 down like many people here do... at least from my own experience... means: 1. too tight over the instep 2. too short 3. too tight over the toes Too snug also means your pinkie pulling out through the side (quite distasteful).  Therefore, I buy all my shoes, regardless of the last, in one size.
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