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 No, he was talking about his expired US entry visa ... VISA credit cards are renewed automatically.Sorry B, I messed things up since I don't need one
Here in North America, but not in Mexico
When it's poured into the jar it's melted, so no worries...
Here, they send you a new Visa when the old expires, no need to renew it...
Casual Wednesday:     C&J Langham (my 1st C&Js, bought 1998...) Panther... PRL
Going 1/2 down like many people here do... at least from my own experience... means: 1. too tight over the instep 2. too short 3. too tight over the toes Too snug also means your pinkie pulling out through the side (quite distasteful).  Therefore, I buy all my shoes, regardless of the last, in one size.
Smarta.. Their catalogue is online, if you don't know at http://www.crockettandjones.com/ And they ship by mail. One can either call or email.   However, it is a good practice to call with your cc details, rather than email it... NSA is watching and someone there may sell your cc number, expiration date and CCV to the bad guys... And I'm not living in the US.
You might be subjective... why don't you ask a 3rd party that does not know the details to give you their opinion on the shoes? Then you might call it a Design of Experiments.
The best retailer to buy from (mail order) is the C&J outlet @ 92 Jermyn Street in London, UK.
It's a great shoe, does not run as long as other lasts. If you want to know how it fits, it is pretty TTS.   Try one if you have a chance, before you buy.
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