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I know, and I think you're right, there could be no other reason.
I recently inquired with Cheaney, was looking to buy online one of their full brogued boots.   Prior to that I believe I asked Herring if they can fit toe taps (they are not makers per se, but they advised against it)..
^^^ Thanks for the insight Hopefully we'll stay a little longer in the silver age.   Would be a shame to see these great brands and products moving overseas...
Great combo !
Efharisto para poli.I can't see any match... 
My hunch is that they are all made by the same manufacturer (maybe Rancourt...) to slightly different specifications.In today's USA with its high labour costs, doesn't make sense to just fool around and setup a shoe making business when you can have some cost savings ordering from others; China and India are the cheap overseas suppliers and they can be finished in the US and labeled as Made in the USofA for a higher selling price; even the great GM buys GM branded cars...
Another question: I asked a couple shoe manufacturers about fitting metal toe taps to their soles and both said they neither do it, nor endorse it... I wonder why?!   It is a common practice to prevent the excessive and premature wear of the tip of the sole.
Anybody knows what kind of wax is hot applied to the edge of the soles?   It is a wax that hardens when cold and makes the edges shiny and water tight (not that edge dressing though...). And where can that be bought? Thank you.
No, AS.And a combination of elbow grease and TLC...
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