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MTO on their design.
Just received my fist pair of Rancourts: beefroll camp mocs in #8 cxl and natural cxl Well made and TTS Thanks Rancourt, I will buy again.    
 Black shoes are NOT boring; what makes this combo quite boring is the choice of socks.  IMHO
 Thanks; the tool is nothing special, I can make it, skill is key; and for that I have a few shoes to practice. My last pair of shoes has the wax applied on the edge and it is nice and shiny and surprisingly, it's not peeling off.   Anyhow, I want to be able to fix it and to apply wax to other shoes I have
Thanks.cons trip the balance in theirs favor...
Won't mind at all, but I don't have a special technique; I just do a spit shine as detailed here on the site; and I use either Saphir, Kiwi or Collonil wax or cream.I believe though, that the high quality and finish of the leather contributes to the result.Personally I don't like a high gloss and I scale id down should I attend a function or formal event.
NOT today's pic:  
Gracias;  they are not that shiny though
I know, and I think you're right, there could be no other reason.
I recently inquired with Cheaney, was looking to buy online one of their full brogued boots.   Prior to that I believe I asked Herring if they can fit toe taps (they are not makers per se, but they advised against it)..
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