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Thanks. Pain in the b... unfortunately
Is VASS still wire transfer payment only or are there any other means to pay? Thanks.
You've got it right, bud; however, not everyone can afford EG, VASS, St Crispin or even C&J .So I guess we have to live with the little defects that nobody will notice than ourselves.
 I used it too on the car seats, works very well; however, I prefer Gliptone's liquid leather that has also a fresh leather scent.   On the shoes, however, not that well; I tested it on a pair but could not get a proper shine and it leaves a sticky residue in the creases.So I see no advantages in using Lexol on the shoes albeit some sweat by it.
 Obviously they have a serious QA system flaw; but... lower cost comes with strings attached so you should not complain
363 and 358 are about the same length
The drill is a Makita, but I attached a lambs wool buffing head; no micro or nano fibres
 PS:  sometimes I use THIS to shine my shoes; it was made for cars... but works great with shoes as well 
 Sorry Bete, but my Spanish is quite rusty... I thought Espuma Qantica means quantum foam... something I dream of for a lifetime...
 Did you PVD your shoes, or did you apply 2 thin layers of espuma qantica?!   Regardless, nice shine!
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