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Wait to see when you'll move to the premier league and meet with Alan Mulally and his peers...
toss the coin...
Thanks. Pain in the b... unfortunately
Is VASS still wire transfer payment only or are there any other means to pay? Thanks.
You've got it right, bud; however, not everyone can afford EG, VASS, St Crispin or even C&J .So I guess we have to live with the little defects that nobody will notice than ourselves.
 I used it too on the car seats, works very well; however, I prefer Gliptone's liquid leather that has also a fresh leather scent.   On the shoes, however, not that well; I tested it on a pair but could not get a proper shine and it leaves a sticky residue in the creases.So I see no advantages in using Lexol on the shoes albeit some sweat by it.
 Obviously they have a serious QA system flaw; but... lower cost comes with strings attached so you should not complain
363 and 358 are about the same length
The drill is a Makita, but I attached a lambs wool buffing head; no micro or nano fibres
 PS:  sometimes I use THIS to shine my shoes; it was made for cars... but works great with shoes as well 
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