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Senor CEO, your pents look terrific!
 Good luck with thatHowever, I have trouble understanding how you can get cheap a pair of new shoes via a crappy picture?!
 I have a pair of Courtenay in burgundy calf, see post 4372 on page 146.
How did I miss those?Fantastic, congratulations!
Why, oh why are you wearing MY socks?!  
My new beefroll camp mocs being broken in:  
Don't worry, they won't rot; let them dry naturally and they will be fine.Still, I don't get it: where were your shoes when someone spilled beer on them?!
Let them dryOh, and stop spamming; sending the message once is enough.
Wait to see when you'll move to the premier league and meet with Alan Mulally and his peers...
toss the coin...
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