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I think that is the way to go in your case; you can switch to shoes at work; the other option would be to wear  overshoes, like galoshes.
Mix and match kind of thing, sorry.   Tie and socks do not fit in. Name brand alone does not mean good taste.
If he shipped DHL thern there was a record and tracking; perhaps paypal charged too much?   VASS too, they only take cash or bank transfer, no paypal or credit card. Paypal is an american thing, most continental european vendors don't bother using it.
Most likely because some smart ass canceled the transaction after receiving the shoes, i.e. claimed them as not received after 45 days I believe and paypal automatically withdraws the money from the seller's account if they cannot provide proof of the shipment.   Same reason for some international vendors not accepting credit cards.
For a price range of $9.62 for the cheapest to $14.90 for the most expensive, I could not call it amazing.    On par with regular shit sold in north america; maybe in europe you folks pay double for your socks, anf if so | feel sorry for you.
here we go again...
I think your judgement is right, and I think Vass is able to match that if asked nicely...
And to the praise of his glorious grace, he's doing it "pro bono"
My Selbornes I bought recently from Bodileys have some minor flaws (sole edge profiling cutter slipped into the heel), I wonder whether they were marked as seconds at the factory? Anyone has/had any similar experience with this vendor, or any other C&J reseller?   They charge full price on the shoes, though, but no shipping which is dubious; they probably get the shoes at a substantial discount.   I also bought from C&J direct,...
Are these^ crepe soles?
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