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And to the praise of his glorious grace, he's doing it "pro bono"
My Selbornes I bought recently from Bodileys http://www.shoesnorthampton.co.uk/ have some minor flaws (sole edge profiling cutter slipped into the heel), I wonder whether they were marked as seconds at the factory? Anyone has/had any similar experience with this vendor, or any other C&J reseller?   They charge full price on the shoes, though, but no shipping which is dubious; they probably get the shoes at a substantial discount.   I also bought from C&J direct,...
Are these^ crepe soles?
Very unlikely to happen; there are bespoke/MTO shoe makers in Romania too, but they don't have the recognition or the global reach.
No wonder...1600 bucks
Errare humanum est... don't do it again!
Not bold enough
I think those are too harsh. Don't rub too hard though.
  you're not a lawyer, are you?!
De gustibus et coloribus non disputandum. Looks ok to me; probably navy or dark green socks would have created more contrast.
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