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Very nice, cheers.
^^^ It leaves a sticky residue on the shoes; therefore, I moisten the applicator and the pad with water and then I apply Lexol; but I like it more on the soles. In my car though it's perfect on the leather seats since it leaves a dull and gripping finish.
Errare humanum est...QS malfunction
Very nice, but a CEO should NOT wear shoes without socks
That's my first pair of Cheaneys; overall well built, good leather, nice colour; average finishing and a few detail mishaps; not outrageously expensive, but at £270 ($460) not cheap either.Good value I would say.   Bought them from their online store, excellent delivery were with me, across the pond, in 2 days.
Sorry patek, no clue on the gravel, I think it came from a quarry or river bed.
Thanks CC, but these are Cheaney, not AE; UK made.
Thanks.It is a wall climbing vine in autumn foliage, not sure what species; see the picture below. 
Fall is here...       Cheaney Tweed
Autumn colours:       Cheaney Tweed in Dark Leaf vine leaves gravel 501
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