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Great shoes, awful lacing...
Today: Levi's M&C Falke C&J  
Same old...  
I'm in awe at how much time and effort spent just to post on a fashion forum, pro bono...
 Looks good. Deets please, as it is customary here.
J&M made in India, perhaps?   Looks like the Afghan counterpart is wearing shoes too with his shalwar + sherwani, but probably John Lobb bespoke, I would guess.
I doubt he's wearing EG, GG or AC.
you sound like a tough teen, buddy.
you do what you think is right, we are just providing feedback since you posted your snowy lw cordovans here.
to protect EVERYTHING; leather shoes, unless made of oiled leather, are not meant to be worn in wet environments. So, unless you're rich and famous and don't care and can afford to toss $1000 every other week, consider what uncle Mac said and buy galoshes OR put on the snow shoes.
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