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You have TONNES of info here: http://www.blancpain.com/en/category/collections/villeret-0   but if this is not what you want and look for opinions, ask here: http://forums.timezone.com/index.php?t=threadt&frm_id=14
no, it is an ironing shirt; it says "the original polo shirt"
that day will come...
BB 501 C&J  
Nice, what are these?Sent from my BlackBerry 9790 using Tapatalk
Thanks. Plum cashmere Corgies & Espresso C&J Crawford Sent from my BlackBerry 9790 using Tapatalk
POACHER! (kidding, you look good as usual).
Go bespoke;  there is a 1:10,000 chances a RTW made shoe will fit you well in the same size but different last. I am between an US9.5 and a 10; I bought all my C&J shoes in an UK size 9, all of them. I still have 3:one on last 363, one on last 358, and one on last 41 (yes, that is a 15 y.o. tassel loafer...) They are all size 9, the first 2 on the slight loose side, the 3rd is snug, but the last is much shorter.   I have a higher instep and sizing down is not an option;...
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