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 Thank you!AS Moore they are, I think the colour is antique chestnut.
Thanks.I was in Mexico City for a few days in early March, we should have had a beer...
Today: AS Viyella RL    
Just came back from Mexico last week, was little cool there
So cold and so much snow, can only wear LOWA snow boots:    
Nice!What are the chukkas?
Today Tuesday again, but this time Chocolate coloured     Loake Pimlico Viyella Fairisle 501
Too bad we live in s 3rd world country...However, I checked Carmina-s online offering here http://www.carmina.telemaco.es/familia.asp?idfamilia=12124342 and there is no sign of the awesome green loafers; most likely they are a special order for one of their distributors, have to find out who that is.
Why is that, do we live in some banana country?!
Awesome! When will these be available?
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