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Today Tuesday again, but this time Chocolate coloured     Loake Pimlico Viyella Fairisle 501
Too bad we live in s 3rd world country...However, I checked Carmina-s online offering here http://www.carmina.telemaco.es/familia.asp?idfamilia=12124342 and there is no sign of the awesome green loafers; most likely they are a special order for one of their distributors, have to find out who that is.
Why is that, do we live in some banana country?!
Awesome! When will these be available?
Today: Black Tuesday     Great combos gentlemen!
Thanks CP, they say the sweaters fit snug, so that matches what you said.Very helpful, thanks again.
How do these swaters run: small, TTS, large?   Consider buying one.Thank you.
oh, you should pick the vietnamese over the chinese...
doubt it... competitive advantage.
Uncle, the shiniest as usual...
New Posts  All Forums: