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Traded NY for Houston?!  
Why?!   Is it getting hotter, or is it getting cooler?
I don't think I want that... no
I have an issue with my shell cordovans, got rain drops on the vamp and they left marks (like little visible bumps and discolorations) on the surface of the leather.  I tried Reno, I tried cordovan cream, even swiped them with a rag moist with vinegar as per PB suggestion... bumps still there. Any practical way to restore the leather? Thanks
got the answer...
That watch is huge for your skinny wrist, dude...Otherwise, great shine and nice combo
Unc, your loafers look like a copy of mine... congratulations; nice combo as usual 
Today:   C&J Harvard Gamarelli Dockers  
Not a good fit, too large; or your insteps are flat.
 Thank you!AS Moore they are, I think the colour is antique chestnut.
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