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 Pretty much the antithesis of this thread... Interested in the after pictures. /kill it with fire/
Whoever just scooped the 15D Malvern and Brown Shell Dundee... kudos you just beat me.
Bad timing, I just got my shipment on Monday, need to send one pair back but I won't be paying for return shipping. Maybe next time.
 Thanks for the feedback, yeah, actually the Dainite is what's attracting me to them. I want something I don't mind walking for a while on wet streets on. Client lunches etc.
Does anyone notice a fit difference between independence line shoes and normal shoes on the same last?   I just got a pair of Harrison's on the 333 last that fit like a glove, I'm wondering if I should order Universities in the same size?
Looks great! Got mine yesterday but had to run to a meeting before I got a chance to try them on.How did your sizing compare to the other lasts?
The only promoter point I found close to my size says it's on the 678 last, is this the wolverine last?
 I realize we're all busy people and don't neccesarily have the time to read every line of text on the webpage. But when you click on the link to contact a store this is at the top of the page:  The Shoebank process sales over the phone, even if you email you still have to call with your payment info. The website is simply a tool to make it easier for us to enquire what their current stock is, previously we'd have to email for a list. During the sales they get slammed with...
I would imagine that would reduce the shell seconds we will see also though if they're not making them on spec.
Laser cutting? I'm surprised if they are I would imagine it would burn the adjacent leather pretty good. I could see water jet maybe but more likely a Cnc machine with a circular cutting wheel.
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