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Well, other than the damage of admitting to cheer for the Braves.
Two questions; is it possible to order your cxl belts in size not shown or not normally stocked, I'd like to get a brown cxl belt in either 40 or 42, erring on the 42 side for wearing with heavy denim. Pant sizing; I notice that you have several waist size larger than 36 reflected on your custom order options for various fits but the sizing chart only stops at 36. Mike offered to recommend a size on me measuring a well fitting pair of trousers but I'd have to imagine it...
Too bad, they're nice. When you expand the line to size 14/15 I'll order a few.
Awesome looking shoes, what's the biggest size these will be offered in?
Thanks for the generous offer but I'll politely decline I had originally only planned to order 4 pairs in the last sale but the delay in me sorting out the details mean another four are being added to my shipment. I'm afraid to add up how many pairs in total that will make since two years ago.
Really? 14Es? I'm amazed, I'll pretend they're all in terrible condition and overpriced so I'm not tempted to call them and see if they can ship to Canada.
Chris at the Port Washington shoebank gets my vote. Vincenzo recommended him when he was promoted (and doesn't deal with us lowly folks anymore)..
Do yours have the dainite sole? The ones I've seen indicate Toby mini lug
That could coincidentally be true.
I've searched the thread and Google without success; I see there's no Rudy pants in stock only through the made to order option. But is there ever any stock (that can be returned) so I can figure out my sizing? Alternatively are there any dimensions for 38/39/40 sizes? Also any footwear in 14 or 15?
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