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Thank you for the very informative reply.The Grenadines are really attractive (along with everything else), with worsted wool suits do people prefer the fina weave and the grossa for more textured suits and odd jackets?
Thanks for the feedback on shipping to Canada, now the hard part; to whittle down my wish list for my first order. Pink Panther and others what are the considerations you look at when ordering a tie, construction options/material wise?
Not that it helps any of us now but the Jeffersons seconds were briefly included in the 2 close outs for 299 deal last year, I'd already ordered some Harrison's and Fifth Steets and couldn't pick a second shoe to go with the Jefferson, I should have just grabbed Brown and Walnut in hindsight.I think this sale I'll pull the trigger on Merlot Mcallisters with the vtap sole and bourbon lexingtons on dainite.
Has anyone from Canada had an SH order come in recently? If so what shipping method and additional fees did you have to pay I had a bad experience with fedex demanding 300 on a 500 order recently.
Lefty there's another structure in the background on the right side of the first picture you posted. Where in ON? Small world, I used to be on a team racing Porsches. Is your cabin up here more like the ones you post?
In the context of the article property value is not included. Which makes sense as its significant and would skew the numbers depending on the size.
One thing I don't see is a washroom, out house or is this an out building?Did you ever end up buying a place Lefty? I think we have similiar tastes in minimal cabins/vacation homes and I'd be interested to see what you selected.Up here having a cottage is popular for weekends/summers but many of them are either rudimentary 50's - 70's ramshackle or house in a box prefab/modular and often stuck shoulder to shoulder on lakefront.
It reminds me of a quonset hut.
What belt do you wear with them? I agree it's an incredibly comfortable boot, unfortunately going to wear them out of the house for the first time on Tuesday one of the speed hooks pulled right out. But for the few seconds I had the other laced up it was very nice.
I'm pretty sure I already asked this but it looks like it didn't post, can anyone recommend any AE belts that are a match for the Longbranch in waxy brown or the walnut black hills? Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: