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It's funnier when you explain it.
They were included as close outs briefly during the 2 for 299 sale. I snagged a pair of brown Harrison's but someone beat me to the walnut Jefferson in my size.
Not to mention the exterior picture containing a young child.The house seems a bland attempt at creating something original for people of mediocre taste. So basically like 95% of residential greenfield construction. (Non-builder)
It's not free return from Canada, we pay the return shipping but they'll cover the cost of the replacements.  I've got two pairs I'm thinking about returning shortly. Just had fedex deliver two tonight and my wife discovered the two boxes I'd cleared out of my office. (in addition to the boxes stacked up as I'm redoing our walk in closet).  So we had the 'talk' I have a shoe problem, which after agreeing to redecorate she's suddenly a lot better with.
 Nordstrom is coming to the Eaton Centre (now Nordstrom centre?) in 2015, I'm hoping they push the selection (and for me sizing) options up considerably. After three pairs of 5 last shoes I just discovered that a size down and width up fit me considerably better.
 There is a skill to avoiding that, different but similar enough to pouring a beer with the glass angled that the analogy gets the idea across. A quick wipedown with a slightly damp papertowel after drying your hands helps too.
No update in 15 days don't leave us hanging!
Not directly AE related and short notice but Skip Horween is at the Roots flagship store at 80 Bloor West in Toronto until 4pm.
What local store is stocking inventory that quickly? Harry Rosen?
 I just used Leather lotion on mine, done it twice now but will likely get some HDLP before the winter/snow hits now that I'm commuting by train.
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