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Sounds good enough for me to pass on these killer fabrics in the EFF, the stormcloud, reda hopsack, donegal tweed etc had all caught my eye. I'll wait patiently for more details. Hopefully you have an inexpensive fabric as an option while we nail down sizing before I order some of the more premium stuff. If I can find a style that fits well at reasonable prices (for the quality) I'd likely order a dozen pairs. Finding my size in a cut that's more tailored and is well made...
It looks grey with hints of blue, you can get a better feel for the colour from the mto link;http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/bottoms/products/made-to-order-trousers-linen-blends
One last question before I pull the trigger I'm in Canada so after shipping, taxes and exchange this is an expensive mistake if they don't fit, and the Rudys can't be returned. Through both genetics and mountain biking, hiking and skating I've been gifted/cursed with what my tailor calls a 'powerful behind' it sounds less insulting when said with an Italian accent. Basically I have a muscular butt and thighs and I'm 6'7" -250lbs, and it turns some dress pants into obscene...
Thank you; I appreciate the quick feedback especially from a member whose fits I've always admired.
Anyone with experience with the flannel and tweed; I had a lesser quality pair of grey flannel slacks but they would loose a crease halway through the day, in the morning pressed they looked great with #8 shell but by the end of the day they looked like rumpled casual pants so I eventually binned them. Is this a problem that you'd run into with this better quality flannel? Or ever with the tweed? I need to test my size in the Rudys and this seems like a great opprutunity....
For once I agree with everything you've said with no qualifiers. How's business in Nyc? We're seeing a boom reminiscent of the early '00s. Frustratingly total lack of qualified talent out there to fuel the growth.
Maybe someone could help me out as I would like to grab a pair before the sale ends; Does the Dundee 2.0 have more volume than the original or is the volume the same and the pattern is just different? Thanks!
Maybe this has been answered already but with the Dundee 2.0 is there more volume or the same at the bridge?
Well, other than the damage of admitting to cheer for the Braves.
Two questions; is it possible to order your cxl belts in size not shown or not normally stocked, I'd like to get a brown cxl belt in either 40 or 42, erring on the 42 side for wearing with heavy denim. Pant sizing; I notice that you have several waist size larger than 36 reflected on your custom order options for various fits but the sizing chart only stops at 36. Mike offered to recommend a size on me measuring a well fitting pair of trousers but I'd have to imagine it...
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