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Hi, doe anyone know where I can find a green rugby ralph lauren tie with foxes on it??? I saw it on ebay but was outbidded and I am dying to find this tie. Here is a piture of it:$_57.JPG     If anyone has this tie, I would be willing to pay you for it! please contact me on here or at    Hope you guys can help!!!
Does anyone know where I can get the umbrella tie clip from Rugby Ralph Lauren???
Are they still there? and what did the scarf look like?
on ebay you mean? lol
I'm looking for certain pairs of rugby socks. I would like to see if I could get these ones!   The one's on ebay I already have or they are I am trying to find older ones with designs! 
Anyone Have any Rugby Ralph Lauren Socks they would be willing to sell???? Dying to find them
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