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When will the Skye 2 be delivered?
Color 8 Indy from J Crew arrived    
My MTO is ready. Cannot wait.
I work for my bank, so I will be giving them a call.
I was charged $1,011 wtf
She confirmed me as being included weeks ago but I have yet to be charged.  Did anyone's CC get the bill?
 Yes, those are the Illford, I have a pair from an AE outlet
Is shipping charged up front on gmto deposits?
 No, it was Canton, GA I believe.  But seller did have several J Crew items, and when I asked about the item, he referred to his staff, and the warehouse.  Kinda strange, but has 100% feedback.
Thank you everyone for the advice.  I don't want to deal with sending them back and all that, so I may just keep them and get the refund.
New Posts  All Forums: