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Color 8 Indy from J Crew arrived    
My MTO is ready. Cannot wait.
I work for my bank, so I will be giving them a call.
I was charged $1,011 wtf
She confirmed me as being included weeks ago but I have yet to be charged.  Did anyone's CC get the bill?
 Yes, those are the Illford, I have a pair from an AE outlet
Is shipping charged up front on gmto deposits?
 No, it was Canton, GA I believe.  But seller did have several J Crew items, and when I asked about the item, he referred to his staff, and the warehouse.  Kinda strange, but has 100% feedback.
Thank you everyone for the advice.  I don't want to deal with sending them back and all that, so I may just keep them and get the refund.
 Yes, the creasing is not present in the auction pics.  The sole doesn't appear to have any wear however.
New Posts  All Forums: