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What website to use to get EC stack from? Canadian website I used previously is gone.
Ahahaha, oh man, the idea of bulking induced apnea is kind of funny. Hope it's not the case.Definitely not the temp, I sleep with my window cracked in the winter, and I'm the type to have the AC running into late September, can only sleep when it's cold.Ahaha, I was gonna post this, did you get it off the front page of r/bodybuilding ya phaggof?
Yeah....In other news, the only woman who are now attracted to me are of the chubbier variety. Birds of a father, I believe they assume, will flock together?It is unfortunate.Also, i'm breaking out, and I keep waking up in the middle of the night unable to go back to sleep. My hormones are probably all fucked. Waiting on this stupid food scale to come in from Amazon.
There's a happy median where it's not 10 degrees in the winter, and 100 degrees and humid as fuck in the summer... Basically not NY haha
I think I might try tanning, does it help any?I take vitamin D also, dunno if it does anything or just placebo
I barely even go on this site for fashion related purposes anymore, just RHET and the motorcycle thread.Brad-t : | don't even get me started
Also, can we all take a moment to safely chuckle at this within the confines of RHET. I mean, look, I get it, fashion and all, but seriously?
I think seasonal affective disorder is real, and very much fucking with my head. Feel so much more energetic and positive when it's bright and sunny outside.
I'm contemplating going partners on a two family home in an up and coming part of Brooklyn, NY. Would like to know the pros/cons of owning a place strictly for renting out from people who have experience
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