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I never would have taken you for a person with ink, whatcha got?
Marvelous Saudi Benz
Thinkin of buying a used Wranger to put about in during the winter in NY when I can't ride my motorcycle. Would like to pick up an example under 10 grand, these things retain value like crazy i've noticed from the little research i've done. Anyone ever owned one here?
Haha deal, but video proof is needed for all three lifts! What're you numbers like now?
Thanks brother, that's exactly what i'm saying! And bench is for sure my one strong point, so i'm not worried about 55 lbs, gonna attack deadlifts and squats and make it happen.
I honestly, and sincerely mean no offense by this, and I like you as a person, but out of everyone here I feel like you have the least amount of determination and will to tackle your weightlifting goals, you constantly seem pessimistic. I understand that you might feel a bit annoyed and bitter due to injuries, but still... and maybe it really ISNT possible, but I can at least try my hardest to make it possible, and having that train of thought makes it all the more easier...
Gonna piggyback off of GNs post for squat celebration. Went with wide stance today, and really put all my focus and will into it, and had an amazing squat session. Worked up to a PR of 240, then went back down and repped 205x3x8 with complete ease. Felt like I had more left in the tank after 240 for sure, but did not want to get too excited. The wide stance is a complete and utter break through, and I would recommend it to anyone who has trouble with squats. I've...
Oh I feel dummmm now
I think that's an awful idea, and potentially a great way to snap your wrists. Just work on getting the mobility needed in check
Yeah I make sweet sweet love to my lacrosse ball nightly, so great. Gonna kop book and came, thanks
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