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I think I might try tanning, does it help any?I take vitamin D also, dunno if it does anything or just placebo
I barely even go on this site for fashion related purposes anymore, just RHET and the motorcycle thread.Brad-t : | don't even get me started
Also, can we all take a moment to safely chuckle at this within the confines of RHET. I mean, look, I get it, fashion and all, but seriously?
I think seasonal affective disorder is real, and very much fucking with my head. Feel so much more energetic and positive when it's bright and sunny outside.
I'm contemplating going partners on a two family home in an up and coming part of Brooklyn, NY. Would like to know the pros/cons of owning a place strictly for renting out from people who have experience
Did you get the lever belt, or the old school prong?
Interesting, looks like most people don't do many exercises on leg day.
Yeah I bought 3 pairs for less than $150 at the flagship store in Soho. Would not pay retail.
http://www.adidas.com/us/product/mens-soccer-tiro-reversible-pants/AD117?cid=G80872&breadcrumb=sxZu2Z1z13o4mZ1z13xg4Z1z13071Z1z11zrfI only wear them to the gym, but if they made the same exact pant without the logo I would wear them everywhere, great look and fit
I forgot to add that I do hip thrusts, so theres some posterior chain activation, and of course I do deadlifts on back day.
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