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Yeah, I keep meaning to make a day of going to the Nike and Adidas flagship stores in the city and trying both on. Have you tried both?Also, very good article with great pictures and diagrams think this part especially pertains to me"Things get even more interesting when you start looking at the socket. Take a look at picture number 4. On the left, you can see into the socket. This person...
Give us a write up on the shoes after you use em for a couple of sessions
Damn, I want a pair of squat shoes and now i'm gonna have to wait even longer.
Where to cop?
"Do you have any family history of mental illness?" "I have an uncle who does yoga."
I don't know what 4 way stretch is exactly, but the Tiros are actually soccer pants so pretty stretchy
Adidas tiro 13
flyknits homie, got a pair a few days ago for cardio nonsense and they're great.
M foot 6'2 195lb 15 year old brother just told me that he wants to turn his fat into muscle and tone down to 170 after his basketball season ends gonna have to put work into this boy
Link to tila vid?
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