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Yeah, but finding out how you look after 10 months of dreamer bulk should be
A lot of you contributed, so not gonna do a mass multi quote post, but thanks for all the words on cutting with IF and LG, Conceptionist especially. The collective knowledge ere is great. I can't wait to start, one more month! Anyone wanna do me a solid and explain 5/3/1 to me like i'm five years old. The T nation article is all convoluted and wordy.
I really want to just punch him in the face.
You don't find it difficult fasting from 9pm to ~ 1pm. What's your dextrose source, candy?This could workSample setup12-1 PM or around lunch/noon: Pre-workout meal. Approximately 20-25% of daily total calorie intake.3-4 PM: Training should happen a few hours after the pre-workout meal.4-5 PM: Post-workout meal (largest meal).8-9 PM: Last meal before the fast.
I tried this today and it worked remarkably well. Will be doing this from now on.Conceptionist, question for you, how would you try to incorporate leangains into a schedule where you work 9 - 5 and can only make it to the gym after work, not before.
My gym has nice equipment, so I don't really know what i'm talking about, but how can a bar be shitty? After all it's essentially a metal pipe, as long as it weighs 45lbs and the collars move smoothly what more do you need?
For whatever reason this has me laughing out loud.
Maybe you tore something in your forearm?
I like him too, lots of haters on the internets.I only ask because I never see people deadlifting in real life, and the internet has completely skewed my perception on deadlifts. I did my working sets (3x5) with 295 last week and was pretty proud of myself, but felt I should not be because everyone on the web lifts 400 easily.I prefaced my question with "not trying to be a dick" so yeah...
Not trying to be a dick here, but do you consider a 295 pullx1 something impressive?
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