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For those of you who like quest bars, watch out http://romanoroberts.com.mx/quest-bars-actual-nutritional-information-differs-from-label-lawsuit/
Hoping. I've only been lifting for going on 10 months, practice makes perfect.
Ian that's the same thing this guy at the gym told me today, he said I should sit back more and try to plant myself in the middle of my knees. He gave me the cue of digging into the ground with my big toe, and initiating the movement as if i'm falling back.
I honestly don't think it's anything as serious as that. Just shit mobility that I need to work on. I just need to open my hips up, and get the movement down. I can comfortably do deep lunges.And for what it's worth the pain is mainly localized right where my leg creases at the hip at the top, a little to the right, somewhere here.
We gon do work on Saturday man.You're looking solid.
Pretty sure myself, GN and iham would be game. Mention it in this thread closer too.
Noted.I'll keep the elbows thing in mind next squat day, I could see it fixing a couple of things and giving me more power from the bottom.
Ok, so I should be mimicking the feeling that I get while doing supermans when I do squats? Like that sensation is the cue that my back is in extension and all is well?Also, I tried doing couch stretches, could barely keep my one leg straight against the wall. I suppose that's a definite indicator of tight hips.You're a monster with all the work you put in fixing your mobility and overcoming your injury, props man. Does not come off as braggish in any way.As for my elbows,...
What are gentle hip distractions?I film my squats every session usually, and I have posted here. Even with the advice I get still feels off. This was from one of the last sessions, not going any deeper because if I do the pain uncomforted is exacerbated
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