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I'll make it brah.It'll be my first complete year of lifting come February.I was skinny fat before and I cut down big time.Why would I not take advantage of sick beginner gains and dreamer bulk?I think the people saying cutting is going to be difficult are mistaken.
Dude did you see my picture a page back, I hate to kill your accomplishment, but I alone am certainly the fattest RHET monster
Have you retained muscle though?
What the fuck is with all these acronyms.
What is RFL?
Seems like an easy move to fuck up to, any tips re: form
Also, good mornings, anyone here do them? I think I need to strengthen my lower back, and hitting hamstrings would not hurt either. and hyperextensions, yay or nay?
Interesting, i've always done it that way too, 3 sets of 5, and then i'll do one or two heavy singles. I find that for me personally deadlifts are really taxing on the body and if I go all out on them the rest of my workout suffers.
I definitely like the sound of it, gonna try it out.How do you program deadlifts?
You guys do this every squat day? I'll give it a whirl
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