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Bench was always my strongest point for whatever reason, I wonder why. Wish I was naturally good at squatting like that.
Seems like you're at a pretty good pace to achieve that, wouldnt worry.I'm 5 10, 205
Makes sense.It's fun having a day just to text maxes every couple of months, try it out, breaks up the monotony of a routine and gets you motivated
Ah, those are not bad #'s but for someone a year in I thought you'd be doing more. Why don't you test maxes?
Yeah, everyone here squats more than me, but now that i've fixed form it's working itself out, 1RM is 250 currently, what's yours?
I'm not trying to be a "bellend," but I wonder about this whenever I see you and Coldsnap post #'s.Us three are more or less in the same boat, not lifting for all that long, somewhat similar goals. And out of the three, i've been lifting the least amount of time (one year next month) yet i'm stronger than the both of you.Once again, not coming off as a jerk, is this genetics, consistency, determination, etc?Makes me wonder if you take three genetically identical people,...
NYR = cut down to 10% by my birthday (August 1st) and join thousand lb club. I know both are entirely attainable, really looking forward to this year actually, and in all aspects of life, not just fitness
Yeah, taking the cut slow and steady is wise. I'm going to have to keep reminding myself that, otherwise I might stupidly start burning fat
Great mentality Jar
New Posts  All Forums: