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Yeah, I don't even lift.
Hit 335 deadliff, tried to go for 355 but it clearly did not work out. Are there any glaring mistakes you guys see in my form that could be holding me back, or is it simply an issue of not having the strength? Im thinking maybe hips could be a bit lower to start?
Haha, you might have a point.But seriously, a half hour of basketball, mountanbiking on cool trails in dope locations, swimming laps. All options that are extremes better than people watching at the PF
Why don't you find a form of cardio that's more involved that you actually enjoy? Biking outside, swimming, prowler, etc...
What're your macros gonna be, how many days a week are you lifting, any cardio, HIIT or LIIT, will the cardio be done on the same days as lifting or not, if so on the same day before and after?Haha...just things like that.
What's your dieting protocol gonna be like? Details please. We're pretty much the same height/weight right now, and my goal is 180-185 also.
Pretty sure creatine loading is bullshit
Ah, I understand. I actually did that for shoulders the other day. Makes a lot of sense to listen to your body day to day rather than just going through a list of prescribed sets and reps.I wish I knew that when I first started training.
Is there any benefit to dead lifting in squat shoes?
What exactly do you mean by auto regulation?
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