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Not trying to be a dick, why why did she propose to you and not vice versa? Congrats in any case.
How else am I going to be able to tell if my dick got any bigger on the bulk?:|
Going to start cutting after New Years.I am going to do leangains.You have experience with this, so how does this sound to you.Fasted workout in the morning,consume all calories between 12-8, probably just do two meals.high protein, moderate fat and relatively low carbgoing to start with 2300 calories on workout days and see where that takes me, 1800 on rest days.sundays do a carb reloadaiming for about a pound of loss a week.
It's more just my natural skin tone than a tan, this is a proper tan and how I miss it : (
Also I just realized that my collarbone has all but disappeared.
Strength wise, very, very happy.Aesthetically.... eh. I mean I get a lot of compliments on being bigger, but that's with my clothes on. I know I could have about bulking in a more intelligent fashion, going a bit slower and monitoring intake exactly, but I kind of feel like that's beating around the bush. I forgot who said it but i'm in the camp of "bulk once, cut once." Yeah i've gained a lot of excess weight, and cutting is going to suck, but i'll never have to do it...
Fuckin a, you made your point V haha.
Some bulk progess pics in chronological order, last one was taken this morning. I got fat as fuck in the face too : ( [[SPOILER]]
How does one even deduce is he has a wide waist/pelvis/hips whatever.
Unobtainable? Assuming you got autocorrected.Work the shit out of your shoulders and back to create the illusion of a V and offset the wide pelvis.
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