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Yeah, taking the cut slow and steady is wise. I'm going to have to keep reminding myself that, otherwise I might stupidly start burning fat
Great mentality Jar
That's pretty much what I've got, a sore neck that's creeping down into my lat/shoulder region
Also is Bengay or tiger balm etc effective?
Yeah I realized that, but there's also aleve and then Advil/tylenol
For muscle aches and pulls do you guys prefer NSAIDS or naproxen? Tweaked something in my lat/shoulder region and I'm dying from uncomfort
Looks like i'll end up between 210-215, started at 180 last February 2012, with a couple of indecisive bouts here and there. So pretty much put on 30-35lbs in my first year of lifting.If after my cut I retain 18-20lbs of muscle i'll be happy for the time being.At this point I think my body is so accustomed to being a fat fuck, that i'm experiencing diminishing returns on my gains, though I definitely AM still getting stronger, it's coming at a slower pace than even 2-3...
Ah gotcha, was thinking of doing a deload myself, but with a month left of bulk does not make sense, should have thought about it earlier
Did you deload to lower than 50% in the first place, or is that just where you are at now?
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