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I'll let you know!I won't be doing much highway riding, more commuting to work via back roads and putting around the city. Think it'll take some balls that i've yet to grow to try to tackle NY drivers on the highway with my tu250. Might wait until I change out the sprocket to hit the highway as a lot of TU owners have done http://tu250riders.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=132
Ah, I see. Think is, all the preliminary reviews are lauding the Bullitt as an amazing mix of old school looks, and modern technology. Some other motorcycle gear website said it seems just as good as the racing helmets Bell makes...As my only helmet, I think I might go with it.
I remember when I first saw Fight Club, I was like 11 and I thought Pitt was huge. Lawl
Trini, are you happy with your Biltwell Gringo, would you pay $250 more for the Bell Bullitt when it comes out? It seems like everything the Gringo is and more, top notch quality, and the ventilation holes are a big selling point. @TRINI
Knicks, for sure.I'm 22 years old, and it's pretty much sucked to be a Knick fan my whole life. Does not look like that's going to change anytime soon.
This thing is insane
What the fuck is it gonna take for Woodson to get fired.
I mean, it's just a lawsuit, nothing has been proven. Their statement http://blog.questproteinbar.com/fiber-count/
For those of you who like quest bars, watch out http://romanoroberts.com.mx/quest-bars-actual-nutritional-information-differs-from-label-lawsuit/
Hoping. I've only been lifting for going on 10 months, practice makes perfect.
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