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I am doing absolutely nothing haha, so sore.
No way, masterrace is long hair in top knot. Still kind of pissed at myself for chopping all my hair off two years ago.
ARE YOU NOT MIRIN FLOCK OF SEAGULLS LOOK?Yeah, i'm kind of overdue for a cut haha. It looks fine when I take the time to comb and pomade it and shit, but I can't be fucked to do that for a lifting sesh.
synergy brah
Thanks for the compliment man. I am really happy with my progress, considering I have not even been lifting for a full year (that'll be Feb.)We tested maxes, and I got 225 on the bench, that 325 deadlift, and did not push for a max on squat because i'm still figuring it out, but at least I got form down now.
Jarude sucks that you're gonna be out for awhile like that. You can't even do lower body at all?
iham and I had a sick workout this morning, dude is a beast, have never seen anyone move that much weight in person. Also, I think he singlehandedly fixed my squat issues, did like 3x6-8x225 with relatively ease, after having a hard time with 5x5x185 last session. Good shit. And since you all doubted, here is the man rowing 315lbs, mind you this was after both squats and deads. and here is my 1RM attempt with 325, form kinda slopped out, but wtvr, expected on a 1RM I...
I did 3x8x115 last session, can't wait to be able to put a plate up over my head for reps.
You ride a bike, I thought you had a Harley: p
I ride this and have more fun than I ever did driving any car, highly recommend. 80mpg get at me
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