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Dudes who lift always have the worst taste in women
Fuji, you look pretty good now and all, but do you really think you needed to get on gear to get that way? Seems like you have a physique, that while difficult to attain natty, is totally possible. Worth all the possible health repercussions to get there quicker?
Is there any conclusive word on what the best form/type of cardio is for weightloss? HITT, rowing, biking, etc?
Airism T's are moisture wicking yeah, and a great deal. I size up one and the fit is perfect. I sweat a lot too, the type of person to walk a block on a hot day and look like I came out the shower, pretty bad. I could never work out in cotton anything because id quite literally need someone else to peel the shirt off my back
uniqlo airism all day
It's my collarbone, not arm, and yes I am sincerely hoping for the best.
Recovery is moving along pretty well, in a sling still, but that's more for peace of mind at this point. Just going to do the recommended 8 weeks in it. Would like some opinions on how to proceed from here. Soon as I can, i'm getting back into lifting and dieting. Last time I was consistently in the gym was May, and I was cutting at that point. I've been eating like shit, drinking more than I should. Basically I am not in a good way. Should I pick up my diet and...
Thanks brotha, been to most of those, and Elsa as well which you edited out, but they're moving to a new space currently, which is unfortunate, I liked that place a lot for dates.I suppose those names always pop out because they are the best places to go. I think Apotheke is going to be my choice this time around, girls love that place.
@willy cheesesteak whatre your favorite places to grab drinks in the city? something a bit more quiet and intimate for a first date situation
Any of you guys could recommend cool jewelry companies? namely looking for some interesting necklaces
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