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dem foot gains doe
Can anyone here do a backflip? I want to learn
It's actually pretty delicious if you make it yourself, add some vanilla and cinnamon powder and it legit is amazing.
Dude that's really quite impressive. What are the details of your routine, athletic background?
What's your height and bf?180 is my goal, with hopes of 175
1) Proportion of women miring someones who jacked and tan, vs those who not jacked and tan
I do dumbbell incline bench, barbell feels kind of funky on my shoulders. What's your reasoning for doing it?
I'm still about that shit I said awhile ago "comparison is the thief of joy" keep doing ya thing, shit will fall into place eventually.
Today was supposed to be a rest day, but I felt like going to the gym, so I just messed around and tested maxes. 355 DL, 260 squart and 235 bench. 850 total at 189 BW, year of serious lifting ALL NATTY. is this good? i really have no idea. also its stupid how high my bench in comparison to my squat, but whatever.
High reps lower weight.I do reverse curls, 4 sets don't even count reps just burn outFarmers walksMore for grip but I like pulling myself into pull-up position and holding for as long as I can
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