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Hey guys, figured id check in. About 215, not an ounce of muscle. Fat as fuck, depressed but managing. Doing that pint of whiskey at least a day life. At least I'm making money and still getting laid Will get back on track soon. I feel like I've got PTSD since my accident. I feel ruined, Like illn ever the be the same again... Stupid since docs cleaes me 100% for lifting months ago. Wtvr
Death and co is proper
Awhile back we all agreed cardio per workout is the better option vs post workout yes?
Woke up with a 102 fever and a cough so bad I feel like puking, and I have to go in at 5 to bartend a battle of the djs event with like 200 people. howdoidothis
What do you guys use to store your bulk meals in? Shopping around for containers on amazon, glass, plastic, what size? It's also really annoying that I want 7 of the same size containers, but all these sets come with different sized ones.
eh, by cold turkey i mean ive been tapering from 10-12 drinks a day to maybe 3-5 shots of booze strategically arranged throughout the day. its a work in progress. also benzos.
My new years resolution was to go cold turkey on booze for a bit, havent been able to sleep more than 2-3 hours at a clip since. valerian root, zmas, melatonin none of that shit works.... i guess thats the price you pay for being drunk for like 8 months straight.
If you havent worked out in like ~8 months do your noob gains reset themselves? throw the broscience in my face, im ready.
Anyone else a bartender here?
Nice sheets and comforter while sleeping naked is the best. Do not understand people who sleep in any type of clothes.
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