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@ridethecliche attempted a back shot just for you buddy no one still gave me any BF help, thanks rhet brahs!!
Thank you brah, and yeah, right after this one was done I was already thinking of the next..
Yes, this notebook is filled with clues, each page is for a different crossword, clues for down and across. I'm assuming he made them for the other inmates?There are a couple of other notebooks, filled with plays and short stories he wrote. Unfortunately my Russian reading ability does not do it justice, and my mother who's father it is has really no interest in it.. I don't want to go to some shmo to get it translated because I don't trust it. I'm actively trying to teach...
Funny how all this tattoo talk just happened. Got my first two today. Snippets from one of the journals my grandfather drew while he was locked up in a soviet prison for 10 years
I can see where you're coming, but they're not going to be that small, around 6x3...And if anything else I plan on incorporating them into a sleeve eventuallyAlso, I kind of like when I see people with a bunch of small, separate, uncohesive tattoos.
My grandfather was a writer, spent 10 years in a soviet prison because some rat motherfucker called him out. I've got all of his journals from his time inside. One of them is a book of crosswords that he made for himself to keep occupied. There is also some art in it.This is the front cover when you open up the book of crosswords, and thats literally what it says. It would be awesome to get the whole thing as a back piece, but that's not a decision i'm willing to make just...
Getting tattooed today. Woop
I just posted before and after pictures, the results speak for themselves.But no for real it is a great program for many reasons, i'll write a detailed response later, working.
concept and i both do IF and leangains
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