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Any deodorant recs from you guys? I've tried both Weleda spray and Malin+Goetz which seem to forum favorites. I don't like the way the Goetz makes my armpits feel, it's got a thicker Vaseline type consistency which is gross. And the Weleda does not really work. I never really smell, just perspire, so something with a neutral to no smell and that will keep me dry would be nice.
Lmao. Decided to go, benching today so I figured even if I don't feel like going it'll be fun
Not feeling like going to the gym today after work. Someone tell me i'm a phaggot
Pretty sure facebook chat divides people who are logged on through or a computer, or a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc)
Word.Funny thing is, both girls i've had the best and most serious relationships with in my life, both utterly hated their fathers.But they were smart about it, civil and drama free about it, and communicated with him, but possessed the knowledge that their dad was a piece of shit.I kind of like women with "issues" I don't know if that's cliche, and I always attract fucked up girls, dunno
It's frightening to see a grown man just thrown like a doll.
Holy shit, I hate insufferable, humorless cunts. brb tellin me to grow up 28 years old workin as a bartender at a dive, brb tellin me to grow up sayin her cats are her kids, brb daddy issues so far across the usual spectrum shes gone from not wanting men because they're all assholes, to not wanting them because her daddy is the only good one. also wtf at second to last comment. "love them and leave them" thats coming from like a 40 year old woman. yeah, men use chicks and...
Tits way too big, I prefer a nice handful. Would obvi still bang doe
I feel so homo checking my Instagram feed in public cause it's all fitness pages and shirtless dudes, lmao
I do have a larger pool of exercises, and most of then are isolation work. What you say makes me want to rethink my routine, but I also realize we ultimately have different goals. You = be able to lift as much weight between the big three as you can. Me = look as good as I possibly can.I do agree with you when you say that most people would do good with surrounding their focus around the big three, that and constant progressive overload on all my lifts, and deloading as...
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