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Tits way too big, I prefer a nice handful. Would obvi still bang doe
I feel so homo checking my Instagram feed in public cause it's all fitness pages and shirtless dudes, lmao
I do have a larger pool of exercises, and most of then are isolation work. What you say makes me want to rethink my routine, but I also realize we ultimately have different goals. You = be able to lift as much weight between the big three as you can. Me = look as good as I possibly can.I do agree with you when you say that most people would do good with surrounding their focus around the big three, that and constant progressive overload on all my lifts, and deloading as...
She deleted it right quick, which gives me hope. She is private doe dawg
RHET brah opinion, if a girl posts pictures of herself in her bra in Instagram, but the pictures are... Tasteful, can she still be relationship material?
Damn, makes me rethink my routine. I have a lot more accessory work thrown in. You're finding that you're seeing good gains with this?
That's insane. Can that even be fixed, or is the dude never going to be able to lift again?Imagine structuring your entire life around one thing like that, and then not being able to do it.
I completely missed this post, what is your A day look like? Also, myo reps?
This don't look good http://www.lift.net/2014/01/26/brandon-lilly-knee-injury-la-fit-expo/
What is then? Been off of work since Thursday, and been falling asleep at like 4 am and waking up at 2 in the afternoon rouitinely. Have to be up at 6 30 am starting tmrw again, blah.And yeah I know, Pumping Iron is classic.
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