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Ok, so I should be mimicking the feeling that I get while doing supermans when I do squats? Like that sensation is the cue that my back is in extension and all is well?Also, I tried doing couch stretches, could barely keep my one leg straight against the wall. I suppose that's a definite indicator of tight hips.You're a monster with all the work you put in fixing your mobility and overcoming your injury, props man. Does not come off as braggish in any way.As for my elbows,...
What are gentle hip distractions?I film my squats every session usually, and I have posted here. Even with the advice I get still feels off. This was from one of the last sessions, not going any deeper because if I do the pain uncomforted is exacerbated
Thanks, if I could only get my squat ordered my total wouldnt be too bad, even though that's not where i'm interested in going.It makes me think some people are just not meant to squat, or maybe I have not found my sweet spot. I thought I had things figured out, but last squat sesh that right hip kept acting up again. Think it's a trapped nerve, but no amount of flossing, foaming, stretching seems to free it up, and if it does it's only a temporary fix. Really getting...
Nice job, I repped 225 for 3 without a spot today.Dat feel when your squat is dangerously close to your bench.
I should have said that differently, the day after I do deadlifts my lower back is more sore than anything, then comes hamstrings, then glutes. During the movement everything is fine.
If I feel deadlifts more in my lower back than anywhere else, am I doing something wrong, or is my lower back weak comparitively?
Yep, my first bike, everything i've read about it points to it being a great beginner bike, and just a fun little ride in general. Can't wait to pick it up.Heres a good little write up on it http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/motorcycles/reviews/test-ride-suzuki-tu250x-a-dream-starter-bike-15703190
That helmet is exactly the style I want. Gonna look right at home on my bike
That BMW makes no sense
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