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'''Why not get some? Drug testing for the army?
Makes sense.
Kunk lookin thick, solid, tight. ______ Do you guys measure food raw or cooked? I'm confused as fuck. Like with rice, the nutrition label, is that accounting for the rice before or after I cook it? Also chicken breasts, raw or cooked?
Congrats Fuji. Have a cousin who finished NYU Stern and get a job out of Goldman. I'm mirin his money gains
Also, top comment had me dying laughing http://www.reddit.com/r/bodybuilding/comments/1vkseq/my_first_competition_from_a_couple_of_years_back/
I do have an English degree haha, I hear those are somewhat in demand... give me some more information. I could teach yes?Low stress is exactly what it is. I just want to be calm and comfortable. Hear you on the older people thing as well, most of my friends are a bit older, and people are usually surprised to find out i'm only 22. Such is life.
Raymond Carver is my absolute favorite writer.... Open to discussion about any of his works, will revisit those stories within the next couple of days.
I kind of want to do what you did, and get out of NY for a little while...Has only been a fleeting thought, but i'd like to give it more consideration and figure out where to go.
Same here, I think it's cause I got it all out of my system between the ages of 16-21. Gonna be 23 this year and would rather leave that shit behind.
Really should not have drank last night. I've been getting more and more disillusioned with drinking and going out, GN and CTK and Lag said. In the back of my mind I still kind of hold onto the idea that it will be fun, and it'll be like old times. I think i'm just getting old... or older. I like waking up, going to work, going to the gym, coming home to eat and pass out. Weekends are ideal if they're quiet, and I can see my friends in an intimate setting. Bars, clubs,...
New Posts  All Forums: