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Great mentality Jar
That's pretty much what I've got, a sore neck that's creeping down into my lat/shoulder region
Also is Bengay or tiger balm etc effective?
Yeah I realized that, but there's also aleve and then Advil/tylenol
For muscle aches and pulls do you guys prefer NSAIDS or naproxen? Tweaked something in my lat/shoulder region and I'm dying from uncomfort
Looks like i'll end up between 210-215, started at 180 last February 2012, with a couple of indecisive bouts here and there. So pretty much put on 30-35lbs in my first year of lifting.If after my cut I retain 18-20lbs of muscle i'll be happy for the time being.At this point I think my body is so accustomed to being a fat fuck, that i'm experiencing diminishing returns on my gains, though I definitely AM still getting stronger, it's coming at a slower pace than even 2-3...
Ah gotcha, was thinking of doing a deload myself, but with a month left of bulk does not make sense, should have thought about it earlier
Did you deload to lower than 50% in the first place, or is that just where you are at now?
I'll get some vids next sesh
It was never the front of my hip that hurt, it was the side..
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