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Feeling very weird today, woke up feeling light headed and kind of weak, senses kind of dulled. Went to the gym anyway, could barely lift what I regularly do and was dizzy, ended up puking and left. Wtf m8
Yeah, but it does not look anything like a cafe...? One of the most identifying characteristics of a cafe is the tank, that's pretty much the stock tank. And i've never seen a cafe with such an aggressive tail. It's the motorcycle equivalent of a Fiero pretending to be a Ferrari
Creatine, Multivitamin, Fish Oil, ZMA's and prescribed Vitamin D because apparently i'm deficient.Might try BCAAs when I move onto my cut and do fasted training.
I did something similar but with my nose, broke it when I was like 11 and just kept on playing. Not it's apparent that it's crooked, meh. Like you said, just something to live with now.
We're all gonna make it brah, i'm not trying to create a dick measuring context, just inciting discussion, since this is pretty much the only place I can talk shop. Wish I had friends who were into lifting in real life : (
Bench was always my strongest point for whatever reason, I wonder why. Wish I was naturally good at squatting like that.
Seems like you're at a pretty good pace to achieve that, wouldnt worry.I'm 5 10, 205
Makes sense.It's fun having a day just to text maxes every couple of months, try it out, breaks up the monotony of a routine and gets you motivated
Ah, those are not bad #'s but for someone a year in I thought you'd be doing more. Why don't you test maxes?
Yeah, everyone here squats more than me, but now that i've fixed form it's working itself out, 1RM is 250 currently, what's yours?
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