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Chipotle should make a loyalty card like subway
I could never find a pair of jeans with any percent of stretch I liked. Even a small amount of synthetic in denim makes it look cheap to me, I dunno.
It was never a question haha, I just doubted the realness of her. But snapchat alleviated all that.Coming up on day 5 of the cut, worst thing is the hunger pangs, but they're manageable.Managed to squeeze into a pair of jeans from before, squeeze being the operative word here. Now I regret because I'm sitting at work literally feeling like my circulation to lower body being cut off.
I'm white, and I prefer black and mixed girls, would that make me a self hating whitey?
Yessuh hall monita suh: | [[SPOILER]]
Obviously. But last time I posted pictures from a girls PUBLIC instagram with like 2000 followers a bunch of people in here cried, so i'm not about to post a nude snapchat. If less people are inclined to cry I will post full body bikini shot though.
Oh man, OKC girl is very real. I just saw titties on snapchat.
I'm sorry, but fucking lol.So many feels in here lately
tfw when you got an english degree, and dont want to be a teacher anymore. now youre sitting in a cubicle pushing paper at 22.
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