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The reason I got into lifting in the first place was so I would stop drinking a liter of vodka a day ; )
I posted that two days ago, I don't think anyone cares.
Seeing as how i'm Russian, and was born in the Motherland, i'm hoping i've got some of that in me haha, just gotta unnearth it.
Even in his tip top form Ilyin barely looks like someone who seriously lifts. I really don't understand how someone who looks like him is so strong, genetics, crazy CNS? Weird
they automatically add 50k posts to your BB account
Try contacts, it's what I do
I was actually 8 when it came out in 99 : / didn't see it till a few years later.
tfw when old man squarts more than you
I'll let you know!I won't be doing much highway riding, more commuting to work via back roads and putting around the city. Think it'll take some balls that i've yet to grow to try to tackle NY drivers on the highway with my tu250. Might wait until I change out the sprocket to hit the highway as a lot of TU owners have done http://tu250riders.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=132
Ah, I see. Think is, all the preliminary reviews are lauding the Bullitt as an amazing mix of old school looks, and modern technology. Some other motorcycle gear website said it seems just as good as the racing helmets Bell makes...As my only helmet, I think I might go with it.
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