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Nice, makes me realize how much i've got to go.How do you, and other guys here in general feel about sugars on a cut? Obviously the key is to minimize them, but small trace amounts in food won't kill you right?
I gotcha, at what % do you constantly look good?
Are you beginning to look lean?
Interesting.I would not want an online coach though... i'd prefer someone face to face.How do I even begin looking for someone, is there some sort of coach/trainer resource?
I kind of think it would be awesome to have a coach who tells you exactly what to eat and when,make your grocery list, etc.... And put together your workout plan. I'm assuming this is a very costly venture though, right?
This Super Bowl sucks
I just wanna get aesthetic really
till i collapse i'ma work these traps how tall are you? i started my cut on monday and weighed 205 also, 185 is my goal as well. i think you probably are a bit more muscular than me to start off. how long you been lifting?
Once Upon a Time in America?
Not that h&m quality was ever great, but the tanks they used to have were great. i have a couple for 2-3 years ago that i still wear all the time.went in a couple weeks ago and bought 4 XL sized ones without trying on. came hame, out of the 4, 2 were sized like mediums, one a smedium and only one was ok.the one that was ok ended up needing to be thrown out after a wash cause it shrunk so much. the others i;dr: hard to find good inexpensive slutty tanks
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