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You look a lot meatier than I was expecting. The way you talk about yourself paints you as some Aushwitz survivor, body dysmorphia much?Also the hip width doesn't look nearly as bad as you were saying.If you don't blow up while bulking looks like a really solid base to build off.
Maybe you look bigger cause of the cardio dropping BF and thus more definition?
And yes V post pics
Chipotle should make a loyalty card like subway
I could never find a pair of jeans with any percent of stretch I liked. Even a small amount of synthetic in denim makes it look cheap to me, I dunno.
It was never a question haha, I just doubted the realness of her. But snapchat alleviated all that.Coming up on day 5 of the cut, worst thing is the hunger pangs, but they're manageable.Managed to squeeze into a pair of jeans from before, squeeze being the operative word here. Now I regret because I'm sitting at work literally feeling like my circulation to lower body being cut off.
I'm white, and I prefer black and mixed girls, would that make me a self hating whitey?
Yessuh hall monita suh: | [[SPOILER]]
Obviously. But last time I posted pictures from a girls PUBLIC instagram with like 2000 followers a bunch of people in here cried, so i'm not about to post a nude snapchat. If less people are inclined to cry I will post full body bikini shot though.
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