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I'm assuming this is on workout days, makes sense, you eat the majority before or after lifting?
Nice, makes me realize how much i've got to go.How do you, and other guys here in general feel about sugars on a cut? Obviously the key is to minimize them, but small trace amounts in food won't kill you right?
I gotcha, at what % do you constantly look good?
Are you beginning to look lean?
Interesting.I would not want an online coach though... i'd prefer someone face to face.How do I even begin looking for someone, is there some sort of coach/trainer resource?
I kind of think it would be awesome to have a coach who tells you exactly what to eat and when,make your grocery list, etc.... And put together your workout plan. I'm assuming this is a very costly venture though, right?
This Super Bowl sucks
I just wanna get aesthetic really
till i collapse i'ma work these traps how tall are you? i started my cut on monday and weighed 205 also, 185 is my goal as well. i think you probably are a bit more muscular than me to start off. how long you been lifting?
Once Upon a Time in America?
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