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Do any of you guys still binge drink? I've managed to curb my ridiculous drinking habits, but I know that every few weekends shit is going to go down. Tonight is one of those Fridays, blah.
Nice job man.I mean this as a compliment, though it may not sound like one, but I think it's awesome that you're almost at the point of becoming a fully fledged doctor but you don't shove it down anyones throat, like many other med students I know.
Mirin speed, how'd you develop that?
You're a beast, how much longer do you plan on staying natural?
Thanks for all the advice regarding cut guys, gonna take it nice and slow, keep protein high and follow IF protocol regarding carbs like conceptionist said, hope all goes well.
That's awesome, good shit.Question for you, or anyone else who has cut before, how do you get through the mental hurdle?I'm looking forward to losing excess fat, but I keep postponing my cut because I'm scared of losing the gains I worked so hard to get over the past year.Originally was going to start after the new year, then I said no, let me wait until my scale arrives from amazon so I can do it exactly, now my scale has come and I'm telling myself I should bulk out the...
TK, why did you lose so much water so quick? Less sodium?
Sucks what happened to that guy, be careful brahs. What's a good accesory exercise to help develop speed and power out of the hole in squat?
When I put my ass lower and knees further out, the movement feels a lot more unnatural, and it's harder to rip it off the floor.
I'm comfortable like this, and it's worked well for me thus far, but I do agree that I might need to try it that way.
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