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Did you deload to lower than 50% in the first place, or is that just where you are at now?
I'll get some vids next sesh
It was never the front of my hip that hurt, it was the side..
Thing is, he might actually be having fun, instead of posting about someone elses ensemble on a fashion forum from their phone, just sayin
Please to speak in english and not coldsnap speak?
Yeah man, a training session with someone who actually puts up solid numbers and knows what they're doing is highly beneficial. After my one training sesh with iham I realized a lot of what I was doing wrong, and just having the extra motivator there is great too.What I did was DRASTICALLY widen my stance. I realized that everyone is different, and what works for most won't work for some, I always stood by the mantra of "feet about shoulder width apart" even though when I...
95x10 115x8 135x8 185x6 205x5 225x3 250x1 185x3x8 Today's squat session, I really wish I had filmed that 250, really thought I was going to have to give it up, got stuck like 5 inches out of the hole, but I got it up, feels fucking great
How many of you guys commute to work, and how do you deal with wearing bike gear and going into an office, do you change once you get to work or what? I'm trying to put together a list of gear to be ready for when my bike arrives. One thing i'm reading on a lot of forums is that many guys don't wear proper pants. They go with gloves, jacket, boots but regular jeans or slacks or whatever. My office is business casual to the point where I can wear jeans, and I was looking...
I never would have taken you for a person with ink, whatcha got?
Marvelous Saudi Benz
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