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@Coldsnap, or any of you help. So i've had this knot of muscle tissue, or fucking something right underneath my right shoulderblade for awhile. I can fucking feel the knot, and it feels great to lacrosse ball or foam roll over it. Lately that area feels like it gets too tight during the day, and is numbing the general area/my shoulder a little bit. It also burns and generally feels very uncomfortable and hurts. What to do? When I foamroll it out, it feels better for a...
Seid for sure
Has anyone else experienced having to piss a lot on a cut. My water intake has always been at least 80oz a day, I peed accordingly but nothing crazy. Ever since cutting I've been pissing like crazy, especially after my large post work out meal. Which is kind of annoying cause I go to sleep a few hours after that.
Heck yeah bro, as long as they're still serviceable ill rock em for a few months. I actually have a pair of Size 10 sambas that fit me well. Email or pm me and well figure it out. Thanks man!
9, 9.5 or a 42.
Just saw this post, those white Adipowers are so pretty, though waiting till June to cop squatting shoes just because I like the color seems kind of silly : /Wonder if you can preoder them.
For someone who wrote a strength training book and all that, rippletits form is kinda wack
Is thinking like you're going to fall backwards a good/common cue for squatting, to help go off the heels/use hip drive?
Literally, fucking pics eh?
Shboffed OKC chick. Could tell she was starved for the D and does not get it nearly as much as she'd like. Mad socially awkward and nervous, which explains it probably. Though i'll say this, desire to please and openess go a long way.
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