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What field are you in ctk?
serious lawl at bodybuilder getting stapled and knocking over the rack
Pretty entertaining, strongman, powerlifter, weightlifter, and bodybuilder see who could do the most BW squats
Also Happy Birthday Sir Charles, all the best
I'm really excited too!! HahaAnd yes, I realize this is going to be fucking daunting as all hell, and I don't know if you saw it but a couple of days back I even wrote about how i've been putting off this cut for awhile now, because i'm worried about how i'll manage.But frankly, after close to a year of bulking, I really want to see what I look like under all this fat, couple that with the fact that I don't really look like I lift, and none of my clothes fit, i'm pretty...
But word brahs, i'm hoping the same. One thing i'm worried about is that I never really bothered doing any direct ab work, so my core may not be up to snuff, but we shall see.Have you seen conceptionists cut down pics, or read his posts? Dude is very knowledgable. Between him, TK who is an active competitor/almost doctor, Charly and his powerlifting ways, and everyone else here, we've actually got a really educated group if you think about it. I think i'll be alright.
Got it, I figured as much as well.And my Macros are all over the place, dat dreamer bulk : | I get atleast 200g of protein a day, and the rest is just a shitshow up to at least 3500 calories., don't even ask. I am going to eat at strict maintenance for a week before I go down into heavy cut though
Thanks for the write up. Yes, absolutely a typo haha, that was meant to be 72 grams of fat.I like the macro output you made too. I kind of gave mine some thought, but mostly pulled them from a ketogains excel spreadsheet calculator.Question, do you think it would be at all beneficial/possible to open the eating window only after training?
Fuckin squats, every time I think i have it figured out...nope
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