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Need good rap to lift to. For some reason I can't stand lifting to metal or rock, or anything else.
For real though, oral herpes would be such a shitty thing to contract. Also, speaking of chicks who lift.
In a way you're absolutely right, but different strokes for different folks. I can respect your way of thinking though.Hell yeah, you me and GN can have a lifting and feasting sesh, maybe Charly can come down as well? I'm way down.
My bloodwork is all clean. Are you seriously that paranoid about it? I mean, past wrapping your tool and not going down on questionable girls, what can you really do?
Lawl, my first car was a Honda just like that. Lost my virginity in the back of it : \
would smang
Not really, i'm just a sucker for big tits on a small frame.Also, call me crazy but I prefer an ass like hers to big, fat ones. To each his own.
For those too lazy to do the legwork she seems dumber than a bag of rocks, but dat body
Check out anissadailyblog. Mmmmmmm
So many hot fitness chicks on Instagram, where are these woman in real life? Would be so dope to have a gf that actually took lifting seriously.
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