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Has anyone else experienced having to piss a lot on a cut. My water intake has always been at least 80oz a day, I peed accordingly but nothing crazy. Ever since cutting I've been pissing like crazy, especially after my large post work out meal. Which is kind of annoying cause I go to sleep a few hours after that.
Heck yeah bro, as long as they're still serviceable ill rock em for a few months. I actually have a pair of Size 10 sambas that fit me well. Email or pm me and well figure it out. Thanks man!
9, 9.5 or a 42.
Just saw this post, those white Adipowers are so pretty, though waiting till June to cop squatting shoes just because I like the color seems kind of silly : /Wonder if you can preoder them.
For someone who wrote a strength training book and all that, rippletits form is kinda wack
Is thinking like you're going to fall backwards a good/common cue for squatting, to help go off the heels/use hip drive?
Literally, fucking pics eh?
Shboffed OKC chick. Could tell she was starved for the D and does not get it nearly as much as she'd like. Mad socially awkward and nervous, which explains it probably. Though i'll say this, desire to please and openess go a long way.
I feel like a pregnant woman with all the cravings I'm getting.
Conceptionist, I forget do you lift fasted on workout days? If not how much carbs do you take in preworkout?
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