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Interesting, looks like most people don't do many exercises on leg day.
Yeah I bought 3 pairs for less than $150 at the flagship store in Soho. Would not pay retail.
http://www.adidas.com/us/product/mens-soccer-tiro-reversible-pants/AD117?cid=G80872&breadcrumb=sxZu2Z1z13o4mZ1z13xg4Z1z13071Z1z11zrfI only wear them to the gym, but if they made the same exact pant without the logo I would wear them everywhere, great look and fit
I forgot to add that I do hip thrusts, so theres some posterior chain activation, and of course I do deadlifts on back day.
Sounds good GN, gotta make it before end of bulk. Can you guys all post your leg routines, I feel like I should be doing more than what I do on leg day Squats Front Squats Leg Press Calf Raises Leg Curls Think of maybe adding straight leg deadlifts?
That looks great, recipe?
Yeah, I got the sore throat too. Bullshit.Winter is a killer, agreed.
Feeling very weird today, woke up feeling light headed and kind of weak, senses kind of dulled. Went to the gym anyway, could barely lift what I regularly do and was dizzy, ended up puking and left. Wtf m8
Yeah, but it does not look anything like a cafe...? One of the most identifying characteristics of a cafe is the tank, that's pretty much the stock tank. And i've never seen a cafe with such an aggressive tail. It's the motorcycle equivalent of a Fiero pretending to be a Ferrari
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