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Comparison is the thief of joy, be happy with your progress, and focus on being better yourself. Nothing wrong with grabbing inspiration from these dudes though.
I heard they're harder to get on and off, and for skinnier guys without a gut single prong is better. Meh.How did you size your Inzer TK? I'm assuming I need a medium, not a large. If I recall Charly uses a medium and his waist is a lot thicker than mine.
Do you guys prefer single or double prong belts?
Watching golf is really relaxing actually, I agree with this. I used to love watching it when I was hungover. It's also a shit load of fun to go to the driving range and whack a couple dozen balls, never played a full game though.
Hockey is goat of all time sport, basketball next. I don't watch American football either, I understand the appeal but at the same time I don't and think it's kind of stupid. I'd like to get into soccer , hopefully it gets bigger in the states.
That and like where do you stop haha, before you hit the ass checks, shave the ass? Too much going on
After shaving my chest and seeing how much more defined it makes me look; I'm tempted to do my legs as well, but I fear that's a bit too phaggoty.
When I make it turns out mad starchy tasting. Need rice cooker.Trader joes for dat whole grain pasta brah
I never understood why people pigeonholed themselves with brown rice for carbs. There are so many other options with totally similiar macros, lentils, quinoa, whole whea pasta (becoming a favorite of mine), whole wheat orzo, etc.. Wtf is the fascination with brown rice. Maybe it's the way I cook it, but it always comes out blah
Intermittent fasting is amazing. Save for the tail end of my fast, maybe two hours before eating window opens, is the only time I get really hungry. Have a little less than half my calories in the first meal, 3 hours before lifting, then after lifting eat the rest of my food for the day, go to sleep. So simple and convenient.
New Posts  All Forums: