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I'm sort of against the typical RHET mentality. I've gotten the best results after I stopped doing SS and "clean bulking." Dirty ass bulk and brosplit with PL influences is where it's at. I should post my routine, CS would probably cry.
Noticed a girls butt wink in a porno while she was riding reverse cow girl. : |
I think at least the first half of that 50 will slide right off, then the rest won't be too much of a struggle as long as you are committed.Another thing that has helped me is that I keep intensity high as fuck at all times, try to keep rest periods as short as possible, bang out reps quickly with the best form you can. Just stay amped throughout entire training session, keep metabolic activity high.Also, EC stack coupled with an IF type diet is beastly.I started at around...
Alllllll aboard the RHET shitshow train, it shall be departing in the next several posts.
Month 3 brah, I think it's because when I bulked it was dirty as fuck and like 4000 cals a day, trained my body to have a high ass maintenance, and now this cut is a breeze. I think you'll be in the same boat.
You lost 20lbs in less than a month, and you've got perma-abs? That's pretty impressive considering the last video you posted you had a pretty healthy lookin gut haha
I'm on month three of my cut, I eat 2350 cals on rest days, and 2750 on lift, have lost 1.2lbs a week consistently
Haha, i'm down if I can find a chick to go with, i'll let you know, and yeah hella psyched, been running on off days to practice.
I forgot about these, these are also good for correcting APT.
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