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Looks about 10-12.Everyone here is gonna tell you to bulk hard, which is true
Well she's actually the general manager of the hotel upstairs technically. I work for someone else. Im smarter than that haha
Slept with the 30 year old general manager of the bar. Sexy
RHET, where should I travel to this summer? I'm visiting my Grandmother in Israel in July, afterwards I want to fuck off somewhere by myself and just enjoy the scenery, people, food and drink. Prefer somewhere where I can communicate somewhat easily, so a place where people speak english is key, solid options to go hiking and exploring, cool and open people in general, since ill be by myself it would be nice to be able to meet people easily. not that expensive, for a...
This along with the sitting back thing you mentioned are my biggest issues with his squat.The shoes actually are cons, but they're the low top versions and kind of old, and he doesn't lace them that tight. I think this contributes to the loss of arch.Might be a good brother and pick him up a brand new pair of high top cons.
It's cause he's got a damn good coach But really I think it's cause he's been athletically active since he was a kid, so he's got good movement patterns and flexibility ingrained in him. I'm happy to hear it though, and so will he, he just turned 16 three weeks ago, so he's got hella potential, gonna turn him into a beast.
You guys wanna do me a favor and critique my bros squats? He's taller (6'1) and says that high bar feels more comfortable and natural for him. He's lifting mainly for aesthetics anyway, so I think this is fine. He's only been squatting for about a month, I think it looks pretty good
Wait, you're 32? Why did I always think you were around my age?
dem foot gains doe
Can anyone here do a backflip? I want to learn
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