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Considering I achieved better aesthetics and similar numbers to you in a year of lifting, I think so
Question for Thurston Bros. Are you going to make one single prototype of the base model jacket? Or will you be making several protos to display all possible options, i.e one with a belt, etc
It's been about two months since i've even walked into a gym, and maybe 3 that I stopped dieting and counting calories. I fucking miss lifting- a lot, but at this current station in my life I really can't be consistent enough with diet and lifting to really make it count. It sucks, but i'm ok with it, because otherwise things are going really well. With that being said, I think being away from the game for awhile definitely lends a new perspective on it all. It's not...
dark paisley would be a no brainer for me
how similar is the final product going to look in comparison to the picture in the first post?
You guys try working fuckin ~12-14 hour days 6 days a week. I ain't got time fo nothin
You didn't text me homie Edit: and I just saw your fb messages, but I'm never really on that anymore.
How to tell girl you've been sleeping with that her puss took a turn into funky town. I mean once or twice undestandable, but this has now been consistent for like a week
got in a brawl last night. havent been in a fight in years, cold clocked dude cold, not before he split my brow though. oh well, chicks dig scars
I don't know about any careers or anything, bartending lifestyle is pretty perfect, especially for me and the type of person I am.
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