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Got stood up by a girl tonight, never happened to me before, feels weird. Don't even know how to proceed, acknowledge her and be all wtf, or just ignore her?
Yeah, but he still looks better than the other 2
Deadlift for reps, same idea as the squat video
wasnt me
Just quit the office... The sense of relive that I thought I would feel is oddly not there. Rather have a feeling of nervousness like did I do something wrong? I suppose that's kind of expected, I dunno. All I wanted to do was quit this place and now that I have it's like oh shit.
At what weight, 195? I'm 190 now, gonna give it a go tomorrow
Oh hell no. This is from about 10 months ago and I was hella DYEL, but this is how I like tees to fit
So I guess the question is, you mirin' brah?
I'm not talking about about t shirts that are tight, i'm talking ones that are fitted. This is styleforum, no? An added benefit of a well fitting t shirt is that it accentuates your physique. As far as your last point, not true at all. I'm aware that i'm really not that big in the grand scheme of things, but at the same time, i've put in work for the body I do have, and I don't think there is anything wrong in trying to flaunt it a bit.
Am I the only one who likes it when t shirts are tight at the arm? Why the fuck do y'all lift if not to look superior to all the DYEL dudes out there? the best is pec drape though. when a t is visibly protruding at titty level, then billows back in below. ideal t shirt has fitted sleeves and good pec drape. don't even care if people think i'ma douche, cause I know i'm not. maybe a little
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