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Any word on double riders yet?
Charly, when do you think the Double Rider will be available, would like to get on that waitlist ASAP
broke thtree of my fingers on some guys jaw tn. guess that gives me an excuse to not keep working out. feel gross, drinking too much ,weigh like 210 all fat. what a time to be alive. fuck depression. refuse to take meds. its a disease doing bad. hope you all are well
Has it been effective in your cut?
Is spinning a good way to lose weight. I know spinning blah blah, but my girl has a bike just sitting gathering dust, and if i can exercise in my living room while watching tv im down.
Looking to purchase a decent entry level humidor, $150 budget or so. Recs?
I grew up in Rockaway : ) don't gotta tell me. Luckily we lived in an apartment when Sandy hit, still lost two cars and a motorcycle, and had to stay with family for 3 months while they got elevators, electricity and water back. Could have been a lot worse.But yeah, I moved out from home and have been in Willyburg for the past year or so, but I miss the beach, you can't beat it, and especially now that it's on the come up and theres an awesome scene, i'm going back.The A...
Green Chartreuse and Fernet Branca
Is this the derby?
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