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If I simply wanted a leather as close in style as possible to the one in the first post, how feasible would this be? Could you guys also throw up a concise guide on what types of leather will be available for these jackets?
That Balmain is really awesome actually.
I was thinking something like Rest Day: 225P 100C 100F Lift Day: 200P 375C 50F
I think within a week or two I can safely ease my way into lifting again, going to go low and slow for now. Thinking I might hop back on the IF train to lose some of this weight i've gained. Low carb, moderate fat, high protein, focusing on getting most carbs in before and after workouts. On rest days up the fats a little, keep protein higher, and lower carbs. Hows that sound? I just have to figure out what my TDEE is now. Think i'm going to start at around 2,800...
Leads to my poop gains
Nothing will fuck up your system quicker than ghetto chinese food.
I opened up my laptop today at work, forgetting the last thing I did was watch porn on it. Luckily no one around. Was some filthy cumswapping shit too. hah
Saw old gym buddy in the streets, dude told me I looked tiny and that I lost all my mass. He's right though. Fuckin a. I really hope everything people say about muscle memory being a motherfucker is true.
I grew up in a pretty strict household food wise, which is not neccesarily a bad thing. No soda, not much sweets, no fast food really, mom cooked fresh everynight. Now as an adult I can't get enough of shitty garbage. Candy, soda, fast food...all of it. When I was actually lifting and working a set schedule and had a routine down I was fine. But now that my work hours are all over the place, i'm not lifting, i've been eating absolute crap. Need to hone in on myself,...
Tell us how you really feel though.Also I don't smoke... weed or cigarettes. Both retarded habits.
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